Williamsburg Photo Du Jour: Snowbound

From Withers Street.

Miss Heather

Bushwick Street Art Du Jour: Jef Aerosol

This post goes out to my new friend Clint (as seen above and who I want to it be known likes the addition Mr. Aerosol has made to his place of employment). You’re the only stranger I’d ever accept candy from!*

Someday I will take you up on your generous offer, Clint. Gents like you are one in a million!

Miss Heather

*Because you work at a candy distributor!

East Williamsburg Photo Du Jour: Judge Street

Taken February 17, 2010.

Miss Heather

The Great Williamsburg Fugfest

Ever since Curbed did their Greenpoint Ugly-Off I’ve been thinking.

Why does my neighborhood have to hog the spotlight?

I have asked myself this question a great deal of late. There’s plenty of fugly to go around in north Brooklyn. I should know because I go to Williamsburg on a regular basis.

Yes sir, name any atrocity Karl Fischer et. al. has inflicted on my community and I can show you something from South or East Willie that’s infinitely worse. To prove my point last weekend I decided to (re)visit some of my favorite 11211 and 11206 masterpieces so as to compile a “Who’s Who” of WTF. Without further ado here they are.

Enjoy— or not.

147 Maujer Street

It’s been a while since I have walked down Maujer Street. This is because when I do I am invariably forced to look at this monstrosity. As you can see no attention whatsoever has been paid on matching the brick work. Such trivialities are the stuff of practicing amateurs. This is stone Cold War chic at its very finest! One need only to take a closer look at the drainage and HVAC “craftsmanship” to appreciate this.

Note how the burglar bars are already sporting a nice Soviet Bloc patina (READ: rust).

Cons: It is located across the street from the Williamsburg Houses.
Pros: The Williamsburg Houses are downright glamorous by comparison.

I give this bad boy two fugs up!

152 Broadway

I wrote about this aberration (which I have nicknamed “The Mohawk Building”) a couple of weeks ago so I will keep my commentary limited to the following:

  1. This building used to look like its neighbor to the left.
  2. Thanks to a modification permit it no longer looks like the building to the left.

Cons: 152 Broadway is by far one of the worst abuses of a modification permit I have ever seen.
Pros: At least the brickwork matches and the balconies sport a commanding view of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, The Williamsburg Bridge and the J/Z train— if you’re into that sort of thing.

And last, but hardly least, one of my personal faves…

795 Grand Street

Last autumn my brother in law came to visit. The Mister took great pains to take him to some of the finer dining establishments in north Brooklyn. This included DeStefano’s Steakhouse. The Mister spent a lot of time dressing up for the occasion. His brother followed suit (no pun intended). The former was dismayed when I came out wearing jeans.

You always under dress.

The Mister said in disgust. To wit I replied.

I do not “under dress”. I do not give a shit. There’s a difference.

I mention this anecdote because it reminds me of this building.

Cons: It is located off the Grand Street stop of the L.
Pros: You have an incomparable view of the ad hoc Golden Gloves matches conducted by the students of the Enterprise High School (which is located across the street).

I hope you, dear readers, have enjoyed this selection of Williamsburg’s worst. Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to take a hot shower so as to scrub the stain off of my soul.

Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: A Very Good Idea

This item comes courtesy of Jeff Orlick of Roommates Wanted NYC. He writes:

I am putting together new program called Roommates Wanted on Sunday, Feb 21st. This will give people a chance to meet potential roommates in person, in a non-threatening, group environment. It’s kinda like a single’s event but for roommates. Frankly, I’m sick of people meeting each other on craigslist, going to others’ apts and being expected that the size of the kitchen is the only variable in whether they will accept the apt or not. The roommate is an important decision and we should have plenty of choices.

We are having the first event at duckduck, 161 Montrose Ave, Bushwick/Wburg, Brooklyn. Admission is free, just pay for the drinks as usual (happy hour pricing). I will have a simple ice breaker and surprise ways to identify where you want to live and what you are looking for in an apt.

Speaking as someone who has had her share of colorful apartment share experiences, I for one think this is an excellent idea. So much so that I wrote Jeff telling him so. I also recommended hosting a series of floating events around north Brooklyn. He assured me this was, in fact, his plan and this event is a trial run.

Roommates Wanted Mixer
February 21, 2010 starting at 8:00 p.m.
DuckDuck Bar
161 Montrose Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11206

If you’re in search of a roommate in the greater Williamswick/Bushburg area, this event very well be worth your time. Check it out!

Miss Heather

East Williamsburg Photo Du Jour: Dragon

From Harrison Place.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Starter: Texture

From Bogart Street.

Miss Heather

East Williamsburg Street Art Du Jour: M.J.

From Johnson Avenue.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Starter: All You Need Is Love

From 11 Orient Avenue, 11211.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Ender: Love Lies Bleeding

From Ten Eyck Street.

Miss Heather