From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Rockaway

July 26, 2014 ·
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Taken by Scoboco.

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Ms. Colombia

July 18, 2014 ·
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Happy Friday!

(Taken by Scoboco.)

The Word On The Street, Part II: Smile…

Smile NYS

(For the Love of Big Brother)

As captured today on 70th Place during a sojourn from Woodside to Queens. As far as surveillance signs go— and I have been paying special attention to them of late— I give this one (on the basis of cheer alone) an enthusiastic thumbs up!


What’s better more, it makes for a nice opportunity for self-promotion. I would like to share the status of my surveillance series of snow globes as there have been some interesting developments! To recap, follows are the first two (which I posted June 20th):



My buddy over at Flatbush Gardener posed a provocative question. It went (more or less) as follows:

So what are the people on the other (viewing) side of the camera doing?

I have wondered about this myself. So I decided to take a glass-boat boat tour through the labyrinth of my imagination.  I determined three two sided globes were in order:

  1. One wherein unsavory activity was coming to pass under surveillance and the “eyes behind the camera” do not notice.
  2. One wherein unsavory activity was coming to pass under surveillance and the “eyes behind the camera” do notice.
  3. One wherein no unsavory activity was coming to pass under surveillance and the “eyes behind the camera”— well, you’ll see soon enough.

I have embarked upon #1 and #3. (Still waiting for parts for #2.) Without further ado, here they are!

See No Evil, side 1

SeeNoEvilSide 1

See No Evil, side 2

see no evil side 2

And the last part of the trilogy. Just like George Lucas, I have yet to nail down a name for it…

Side 1

All is well in Closed Circuit Cameraland… or is it?

side 2

It is rare that I solicit the Mister’s input— much less presence— in my play space. But in this case I did. I told him it was too bad it was so tiny as I would have liked to have put a red ball gag in the dude’s mouth— but then noted I could paint a mask on him. The Mister said to leave it as is because (and I quote):

Less is more.

So there you go.




The Word On The Street, Part I: Keeping It Real

Keep It Real NYS

Taken July 9, 2014.

New York Shitty Photos Du Jour: Queens F*ckin Finest

Featherhood Sunnyside Style NYS

Fathers Day NYS

Happy Fathers Day!

(Taken June 15, 2014.)

The Word On The Street, Part I: From Thomson Avenue With Love

As spotted during today’s perambulations around Sunnyside and Long Island City. It is a little hard to decipher but there more going on here than meets the eye. Let’s go in for a closer look, shall we?

Someone has seen fit to add “The Queens Way”. I’ll leave it to you, gentle readers, to ascertain exact what constitutes spreading love the “Queens way”. In any case, I found this discovery downright uncanny given a snow globe I am working on presently.

I do not think I need to state who a couple of the “key players” in this globe are— but I’ll go ahead and link to this and this anyway. This one’s for you Crappy.

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Leprechaun

March 16, 2014 ·
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Tomorrow, folks… (Taken by greenelent.)

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Queensboro Bridge

December 17, 2013 ·
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Traversing the Queensboro Bridge

Taken by Adrian Cabrero.

Live From Community Board 5 Queens!

December 12, 2013 ·
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It would appear Community Board 5, Queens has recommended, unanimously no less, against the Knockdown Center getting a liquor license to serve 600 people. What’s even more fascinating is:


Now For Rent In Ridgewood…

November 19, 2013 ·
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Living Room with neon and bar stools

Hall of mirrors

bitchin kitchen!

This. I have tried— and tried— to find the words to describe what you have just seen. Thankfully the owner of this apartment has been lavish with the photo-documentation. What these pictures have to say is way more than the proverbial 1,000 words. Note “the value-added” in the manner of a disco ball (and what appears to be laundry) hanging in the living room. Simply magnificent! Best to simply check out this listing check out the screengrabs and behold the, um, glory for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!

Special props go out to Diana Gee for stumbling upon this gem. Simply amazing.

UPDATE, 10:19 pm: For shits and giggles I emailed our landlord informing him that we were breaking our lease because we found our dream home in Ridgewood. Follows is his reply:



Very astute observation. As you can plainly see, gentle readers, some landlords do have a sense of humor. Conclusion: if this apartment has a soundtrack (and a gnarly HiFI system is undoubtedly among its manifold amenities) it would be something by the Eagles. Or better yet this:

Honorable mention: the Miami Vice theme song.

UPDATE, November 20th, 2013: It has been brought to my attention that if one “Googles” the phone numbers listed on this advert, some mighty interesting results come up. Follows is yours truly’s personal favorite.

Millionaires Palace>

This listing truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Cheers!