Kung Fu Cash

June 1, 2007 ·
Filed under: Greenpoint Magic 

J.S.S. Fruit and Vegetable

Located at 678 Manhattan Avenue, J.S.S. Fruit & Vegetable is easily the best produce stand in the ‘hood. Not only are the pickings fresh and reasonably priced, but the people who operate this establishment are painfully nice. The gent who usually mans the cash register is always happy. I’m not too sure why, but I doubt medication (self-prescribed and otherwise) is involved.

Rather, I think his beatific state is the result of being the keeper of the most BADASS automated teller machine I have ever seen.

Bruce Lee

Watching Bruce Lee kick some digitally animated ass makes the wait (and $1.75 service fee) totally worth it. I give this Kung Fu cash dispenser two enthusiastic fists up.

Miss Heather