Greenpoint Photo du Jour: Styll

July 21, 2008 ·
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From North 15th Street.

Miss Heather

Studio B: The Battle For Hearts & Minds Continues

July 20, 2008 ·
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This weekend I learned that Agnes Piekarska, the much-maligned “Manager” of Studio B, has discovered New York Shitty! How do I know this, you ask? She has taken to commenting on my blog!

On July 19, 2008 she wrote in regards to this post:

I’m sorry you feel that way . I wish someone will contact me about that. Thanks. Agnes

Not only does this comment make absolutely no sense, I chafed at Ms. Piekaraska’s repeated insistence that she was completely unaware of people having issues with her establishment. So I replied:

People have contacted your business about this stuff. REPEATEDLY. Quit acting like this is all news to you. It isn’t.

Today, July 20th, I awoke to find this missive awaiting my approval. Lucky me.

You got this totaly wrong. I’m Just a manager and not the owner I live in the area and I”m trying to help out . This is the first time I got to your webside and I’m glad . You have to get some of the facts right and I will gladly explain to you who is who or what is going on. Thank you for your time. Agnes

To wit, I replied:

Feel free to write any epistle you want, Agnes. That’s what the comments section on this blog are for.

I have yet to get a reply from Ms. Piekaraska, but Neighborhood Threat had a few things to say:

Here are some facts that are right:
1) Until any of us started complaining to the press, you as the manager of the club did nothing to mitigate the problems in the neighborhood.
2) when the club is open, there is an increase in trash. you sweep in front of your club and that’s it. there are club fliers all over the block, in the street, across the street. you don’t put out trash cans in front of your club, and there’s one city trashcan on the corner of calyer, which is filled to overflowing on the weekends… from YOUR CLUB, because there’s nothing else going on over here.
3) you allow patrons of the club to re-enter at will. i understand they can’t smoke inside, but most clubs have a ’smoking pen’ in front of the club where smokers can congregate. They don’t allow people to sprawl up and down the block because it IMPACTS THE NEIGHBORHOOD. when you let people go in and out of the club at will all they do is sprawl down the block and onto our stoops.
4) you can clearly see from the front door if people are hanging out up the block. have security move them along. have someone stand on the corner of calyer and meserole and direct them out of the neighborhood. when they see someone peeing against the wall across the street, someone should walk over there and tell them to stop. (do you not have enough bathrooms or something? i’ve never seen so many people peeing in public.)

What about what happened on the 4th of july? you lit off fireworks in the street. there were hundreds of people in the street and you didn’t disperse the crowd when you were done.

You don’t help and you don’t care EXCEPT for the fact that your club won;t make as much money. You don’t care what it does to the neighborhood. Right now you’re trying to handle the problem by not having events at the club.

btw, i notice that you finished the retractable roof. i thought the point of having it was that you would close it and minimize noise and stop the people from smoking out on the street. at least that’s the line of BS you’ve been feeding us.

the club doesn’t hvae a c of o for the second floor but yet there are people on the second floor constantly. there’s also an illegal apartment and there’s no residential zoning in that building.

we’re going to make sure that there’s a representative from every residential building in the neighborhood that your mr. fisher says “isn’t residential” at the hearing on the 31st. so you can have people blog here for you and post comments that are clearly written by a publicist as much as you want. you’ll keep doing what you want but boy will we do everything we can to hold you accountable.

It certainly looks like the upcoming Public Safety Committee Meeting at Community Board 1 will be quite lively. Not only are the angry neighbors organizing but as Mr. Heather and I discovered last night, the “owner” (“Manager” or whatever) of Studio B was having a tete a tete on the rooftop terrace with someone bearing more than a passing resemblance to Ken Fisher!

The above photograph was taken at 8:00 p.m.

Miss Heather

UPDATE 7/2108: Agnes has replied!

Greenpoint Photo du Jour: Peephole

July 20, 2008 ·
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From Manhattan Avenue.

Miss Heather

Le Brique Is Open For Business

July 20, 2008 ·
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In what is possibly the fasted turn-around for a restaurant in Greenpoint history, last Thursday, July 17, Le Brique officially opened for business. I learned this from a tipster who happens to live near this establishment. N writes:

Have you checked out Le Brique? They had some opening party on Thursday, with a DJ that shook our apartment with early 90′s dance music. I would imagine from the fast turnaround… that the same owners that operated Little Korea operate this establishment. I hope the food is improved though. And I hope there are no more 90′s dance parties.

I agree on both counts. I do hope the food is good and they refrain from playing early 90′s dance music. Bad music is sort of like bad food: both are sufficiently awful the first time around. Click here to see what foodstuffs this, Greenpoint’s newest restaurant, is serving. Among the more traditional French fare you will find blood sausage. Yummy.

Miss Heather

P.S.: If you look at the square shaped “gems” gracing this storefront you will notice they read “Shanghai Lee”. Very amusing.

Williamspoint Photos du Jour: Adornment

July 20, 2008 ·
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From McCarren Park.

Miss Heather

Retail Coming to Norman Avenue

July 19, 2008 ·
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I first learned about this garage-to-retail conversion via my buddy over Neighborhood Threat. Curious to see firsthand what she was talking about, I put on my sandals and strolled over to the intersection of Norman Avenue and Lorimer Street.

Neighborhood Threat writes: Walking up Norman today, I noticed that those lovely old weathered garage doors between Lorimer & Manhattan had a DOB permit on them: CONVERSION OF EXISTING GARAGE SPACES TO RETAIL. It’s a great location, but who’s going to rent them? I think we’re getting to the point that we need the parking spaces more than the retail spaces these days.

She brings up a salient point: parking is a big enough nightmare nowadays. However, my primary concern is what kind of retail business will occupy this space? The prevailing pattern in Greenpoint nowadays seems to be having too many of any one business, e.g.; Thai restaurants, 99 Cent Stores, BANKS, etc. The previous having been said, I’m wagering this will become a boutique. Hopefully it will be one whose wares are affordable to those who do not have the benefit of a six figure salary.

But I am not holding my breath.

Miss Heather

TOMORROW: Stoop Sale at 115 India Street

July 19, 2008 ·
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Since tomorrow’s weather will be a much more moderate 90 degrees* I thought I would pass along this stoop sale slated for 115 India Street. Among the wares in the offering are “miscellaneous household goods”, electronics, CDs and clothing. You know, the usual stuff.

Stoop Sale
Sunday, July 20, 2008
11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
115 India Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Purportedly most items will be priced at $10.00 or less!

Miss Heather

*This is sarcasm.

Celebrate Colombian Independence Day At Cafecito!

July 19, 2008 ·
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Tonight and tomorrow night Cafecito will be celebrating Colombian Independence Day by serving up complimentary agaurdiente shots alongside their usual tapas menu. What is “aguardiente” you ask? Literally translated as “fire water”, it is a libation made of sugar cane with anisette flavoring. I’ve been told it is pretty high octane stuff so be sure to drink responsibly. Alcohol and triple digit heat do not mix very well!

Cafecito Bogota
1015 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Oh yeah, and why not have a glass of their mind-blowing good tropical sangria while you’re there?

Stay cool everybody!

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Photo du Jour: The Zebramobile

July 19, 2008 ·
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From Driggs Avenue.

Miss Heather

Am I A Real Greenpointer Now?

July 19, 2008 ·
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(Or, it’s a full moon in Greenpoint)

The one subject I am rapidly tiring of is the issue of what makes a “real” citizen of (insert neighborhood here). Some were born in New York Shitty, and yes, some have even died here! It’s what’s in between that seems to be the pickle. At what point has one lived in a given neighborhood (in this case, Greenpoint) long enough to earn “street cred” from the self-appointed guardians of citizenship? I neither know the answer of this question nor do I care to learn it. To fixate upon the past is to ignore the present and abrogate one’s responsibility to shape the future. Which brings me to a Greenpoint incident of note from yesterday, July 18.

When I arrived at the junk shop I noticed something balled-up in a plastic bag. It was a wig. I pulled it out and looked at it.

Me (to a co-worker): This looks pretty ratty. Methinks I am going to throw it in the dumpster. That way we’ll see some crazy person wearing it in the neighborhood tomorrow.

ASIDE: Before I continue I would like to clarify something. The dumpster at the junk shop is arguably as popular as the store itself. Not only do people see fit to use it as a trash repository (such as the psychic next door* who once saw fit to dump her barbecue grill, replete with smoldering briquettes in it July 4th), but it is rifled through on a nightly basis by people who either do not know what has been placed in there (trust me, some of it was rather gross) or do not care.

Now jump forward to last night. It is 8:45 p.m. and I am headed down Manhattan Avenue to meet some friends for dinner. True to form, dumpster diving was well underway…

and the dude doing the diving was wearing said wig.

Is it just me or does this man bear an uncanny resemblance to Ron Jeremy?

Close but no cigar: my prognostication was off by approximately three hours. I may very well be on my way to becoming a real Greenpointer, but clearly I still have a ways to go.

Miss Heather

*Who has a habit of buying large quantities of lotto tickets. If this woman was truly psychic why hasn’t she won by now?