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June 3, 2007 by
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It has come to my attention that people seeking to comment on this site (some naughty, some nice) are confused about how the process works. Here it is:

  1. I require registration.
  2. I approve each and every comment before it gets posted. I am selective in my censorship and only weed out spam comments.
  3. Since my work/social/fecal schedule can be hectic, occasionally time will elapse before I get around to sorting the shit from the Shinola, so to speak. Please be patient.

The previous having been said, here are a few more thoughts I have on this topic…

The increased traffic my blog has received of late has netted a commensurate increase in the number of comments I have to moderate. On the one hand I am very happy that New York Shitty appears to be providing a forum for my fellow Greenpointers to shoot the shit and discuss local affairs. The previous has been sorely lacking in this ‘nabe for far too long On the other, I’ve had a number of wiseasses attempt to insult me.

Here’s an example posted by “Deathgod99” (it makes me wonder what Deathgod 1-98 are like. Maybe he is in his Mayan phase?— Ed. Note.) regarding this post:

How are you sure you don’t shit like a dog? Canny coincidence

Because I shit in a toilet (unless I have food poisoning— in which case anything goes), use toilet paper and have enough book learnin’ to know that “canny coincidence” is semantically incorrect. Which brings me to a few tips for those who wish to diss the Queen of Piss:

  1. I worked in corporate America for over ten years.
  2. During this tenure of working a “real” job I endured abuse and degradation the likes of which you are incapable of doling out.
  3. If you are going to post a comment of contrarian nature, please do not use ten dollar words unless you know how to use them because…
  4. I will make light of it.
  5. I take tremendous pride being the Dog Shit Queen of Greenpoint. I hold court over the piles of shit (canine, human and otherwise) in a neighborhood that no ones seems to give a shit about: Greenpoint. Speculators building obscenely huge condominium buildings in the hopes of making a fast buck that take the pissant fines doled out by the (woefully under-staffed and decidely corrupt) Department of Buildings as a business expense notwithstanding.

I may very well shit like a dog, but at least I don’t lick it up. The word on the street is that someone on Diamond Street has a palate for poo.

Lick it up!

Miss Heather


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