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LAST GASP: A Moment of Williamsburg Zen

While most of you were probably off work and having fun today I was busy. VERY BUSY. I will probably continue to be busy well into the night. I need relief. Preferably comic relief. Thanks to Meredith I got it.

She writes:

It is a fishing stringer (heavy duty) , a red baron plastic airplane, a set of bubba teeth, a wise man, and a stuffed toy hung on a preexisting painting. It’s pretty great.

Whenever someone evokes “Bubba teeth” I think about the time my buddy Rachael went to the Mark Bar sporting a set. As she was talking to a fellow bar patron they fell out of her mouth and into her drink. Without a second thought she retrieved them and stuck them back into her mouth. Much to the other woman’s dismay.

Thanks Meredith. I needed this!

Miss Heather


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