Introducing The New York Loft Hostel!

July 17, 2008 by
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I happened across this flier at the Northside Pharmacy today while running errands. After recoiling from yet another gratuitous use of the grossly over-used term loft, all I could muster in the way of a response was What the fuck?!? As soon I got home I looked at their web site. What I found was quite interesting. Amenities include:

  1. Free Internet
  2. Free parking
  3. Free cable television
  4. Free long distance calling
  5. A 2,000 square foot garden replete with jacuzzi and pool is promised in the future
  6. Manufacturing space for upstairs and downstairs neighbors

Well, I actually learned point #6 by checking out the Department of Buildings’s web site. I guess at $25.00 a night this is a pretty good deal. Unless of course someone beats you senseless at the conveniently located Morgan Avenue stop of the L and steals your wallet.

Miss Heather

P.S.: Check out their advertisement on Craigslist! They’ve lowered it to $19.00 a night! WHAT A DEAL!

Lest the previous has been pulled you can see it by clicking here.


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