Say It Ain’t So: Lux Interior Is Dead

February 4, 2009 ·
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Lux Interior: R.I.P

My fondest memory of the Cramps has nothing to do whatsoever with the band per se (although I had the pleasure of seeing them live and love their music). It has to do with my father: Pa Heather. Back in the day before i-Tunes I drew up a list of items I would like for Christmas. In my wish list I included (for shits and giggles) “Smell of Female” by the Cramps on compact disc. Being the dutiful dad Pa Heather was (and is) he went to the local music store, asked one of their employees for help finding “Smell of Female” and purchased it. Although my father made it sound like a chore at the time I think he rather enjoyed it.

Thank you Lux for the great music  (A Date With Elvis is in high rotation in this here household), laughs and bringing my (sometimes closeted but subversive nonetheless) family closer together!

Come tomorrow morning I am sticking out my can for the garbage man. Not just out of respect for Lux Interior, but as a married woman I take all the cheap thrills I can get!

Miss Heather

P.S.: Actually I know of another story about the Cramps. My boss Larry da Junkman once shaved the word “Cramps” in his back hair and flashed it at Lux, et. al. at one of their concerts. It apparently made quite the impression as Mr. Interior later mentioned it in a radio show.

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