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If you have found yourself to this page you probably have something to say— but may not certain how to go about it. Here’s how:

First you must register.  This can be found at the bottom part of the tool bar on the left.

Why do I have to register, you ask?

Because it has been my observation that anonymous comments are fodder for bloglodytes. If you have something you wish to tip me off to you can do so with the promise of anonymity via my “tips” page.

What is a bloglodyte, you ask? Here’s my working definition (as inspired by this and given linguistic clarity courtesy of Merriam Webster):

Pronunciation: blä-glo-dite
Function: noun

Someone who, being a fundamentally miserable, angry and/or misguided human being with a LOT of free time (and Internet access), gets succor by trolling the Interwebs and inflicting their pathetic lack of self respect, anger and hatred on others. See: troll.

If you disagree with anything I have posted, wish to correct something I might have overlooked and/or fudged; or simply want to chime in I’m all for it. In fact, I encourage this. I want this site to be a public forum where north Brooklynites and New York Shittites (if not in locality, at heart) can talk shop. Respectfully.

Terse and even downright angry is acceptable. What I will not tolerate is abuse. Be it directed at me or other commenters. In other words, if what you have in mind has an “ism” to describe it don’t bother. I won’t approve it.

The more surly and self-righteous among you might decry this as a denial of your “free speech”. It isn’t. This web site is powered by free speech. My free speech. If you have something you want to say so badly that is circumscribed by my (albeit vague) terms of use, start your own blog. It’s your right too. Go for it.

Otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you!

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