Williamsburg Photos Du Jour: Holy Shit

Per a fellow who involved in this accident (the driver of the above-depicted car), he was driving southbound on Wythe Avenue. The yellow cab, headed westward on North 8 Street, failed to obey the stop sign. You can figure out the rest.

Apparently the operator of the cab initially tried to drive away. This failing, he then attempted to run away; a bystander grabbed him and took away his keys. Per a passerby who lives in the area several attempts have been made to have a stop light placed at this intersection. The Department of Transportation apparently felt one was not needed. The good news: no one was hurt.

P.S.: Those of you who are interested can view larger format images documenting of the aftermath of this incident by clicking here.


2 Comments on Williamsburg Photos Du Jour: Holy Shit

  1. rexlic on Mon, 15th Oct 2012 1:29 am
  2. As a cab driver of many years, I can tell you that that intersection is a nightmare. No visibility, thanks to cars parked right up to the crosswalk–cars speeding up Wythe towards that blind spot (no stop sign on Wythe since N14th)–it’s a toxic situation. I’m not defending the cabbie’s actions–if he tried to bolt, that’s just wrong–but there’s a reason why they they put a stop light at Wythe and N6th, and they need to do that elsewhere on that street. Particularly after the idiot DOT made Kent a supremely narrow one-way road northward, 3 of 4 roads in from the river are heading (stupidly) towards the dead end of the borough. It’s still inexcusable, but I understand why people speed in the absence of lights or stop signs in that direction.

  3. missheather on Mon, 15th Oct 2012 9:36 pm
  4. I am really happy you chimed in, rexlic. The fact Kent Avenue was made one way (and Wythe Avenue has suffered as a result) did not go unnoticed. It did. The fellow whose car was hit resides in Greenpoint. In order to go south had had to use Wythe.

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