New York Shitty Slide Show du Jour: Meeting Miguel


Miguel and his car: Bushwick Brooklyn

The above photograph might look familiar to some of you dear readers. If so, it is because I posted it on March 11th: the last time Chris Arnade and I went on one of our photo walks/drives. That is of course prior to today: we went on a five hour jaunt around East Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bedford Stuyvesant and beyond.

Why did we go on such a far-flung trek, you ask? Very simple:

  • It was an absolutely beautiful (if a bit chilly) day.
  • Chris makes it a point to give glossy prints back to the subjects of his photos. I for one think this is very neat. And this brings me to the subject of this post: Miguel.

It took Chris a little time to locate him, but locate him he did. Miguel was absolutely pleased as punch to see us and took us of a tour of his office. It, just like the man, is absolutely amazing. As you will soon see.

As we were shutter-bugging Miguel told us a little about himself:

  • He is a mortgage broker by trade.
  • He is retired from the Navy.
  • He is of mixed Jewish and Caribbean ancestry. How did this happen, you ask? Well, his grandfather was a Jew residing in Germany (methinks) and prior to World War Two he emigrated to Holland and later to the West Indies.
  • He has lived in East Williamsburg for 40 years.
  • He has a brother named Paco (as you will see).
  • He is an unbelievably youthful and spry 76 years of age!

Without further ado here are some shots of Miguel, his place of business and his equally charming (if more subdued) brother. Enjoy!

Prior to leaving he offered us a glass of wine. Since it was 1:00 p.m. (and a little early for such stuff) we declined his generous offer. He, in his inimitable style, sent us off with a bottle instead!

This post— and toast— is for you, Miguel. It is people such as you who make north Brooklyn the place to be! (As always you can see these images in large format by clicking here.)

Miss Heather

P.S.: Miguel reminded us again today that he has a two bedroom apartment for rent at $1,900 a month. Just wanted to pass that along.


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