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As my previous post (about discovering a “street Wimpy” tee shirt) intimates, I am rapidly becoming a big fan of Bedford Stuyvesant. Bed Stuy may be a lot of things but one thing it isn’t is boring. My most recent sojourn found me muttering “Wow, that’s really beautiful!” and “Holy Shit!” under my breath every five minutes. The following is an example of one such “Holy Shit”.

Hart Street House of Chrome

As I wandered down Hart Street I saw a number of beautiful houses. Then I found this.

Chrome Gate

When I showed the above photograph to Mr. Heather he said:

That looks like something from East Williamsburg.

I replied:

No way! This is like East Williamsburg on steroids!

I wonder if the owner of this house has a family member in the chrome fabrication business? I ask this question because nary a flourish was missed during the chromification of this house.

Hart Street House of Chrome

Even the (unused) air conditioner holders emit metallic bliss. On a clear summer day I bet the reflection from this house is enough to sear a person’s retinas. You could probably cook eggs on the sidewalk for that matter.

Give it up to good ol’ Bed Stuy for keeping it real: even their houses have grills!

Miss Heather


5 Comments on Chrome Fest 2008

  1. bitchcakes on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 11:22 am
  2. What an eyesore!!! How could they do that to this beautiful home?! It should be against the law!!!

    Those poor, unfortunate neighbors.

  3. Jimmy Legs on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 2:52 pm
  4. Bushwick is lousy with da chrome. i especially like it when they pair the shiny gates with a couple of plaster eagles or lions. classy!

  5. missheather on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 2:54 pm
  6. I’m a big fan of when they (Bushwickians or otherwise) paint said lions in bright garish colors. I’ve seen lions who look like they are wearing red lipstick— or just got done feeding on the mailman 😉

  7. rj on Fri, 1st Feb 2008 12:51 pm
  8. The craziest thing is that this butt-ugly chrome fencing is SUPER EXPENSIVE. I can’t believe how much money people would pay for something so hideous.

  9. deadzebra on Fri, 1st Feb 2008 11:32 pm
  10. If they had just built the deck/gates in reverse then they would have avoided that whole ‘back into a tree’ problem they seem to have..

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