Behold, The Bed-Stuy Beer Bong!

March 4, 2008 by
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I was originally going to feature this nugget of institutional architectural bliss as this week’s installment of Fedder’s Friday but since it is raining I felt is was better served by being showcased today. Last weekend my husband and I entertained a friend of ours from out of town. Wishing to be good hosts, we wanted to give our guest the quintessential New York Shitty experience. In other words, we took him on a grand tour of the finest Fedders Specials this city has to offer.

It was on Quincy Street that we found this, the benchmark for all things Fedders.

Quincy Street

As you can see all the required elements are present:

  • Exposed electrical meters
  • Nary a lick of greenery to be found
  • Burglar bars
  • And of course, Fedders boxes

But there is something that makes this property stand head and shoulders above its compatriots. A little “added value” if you will. Can you find it? I’ll give you a hint: look closely at the gutter on the left-hand side of the building.


I know what you’re thinking:

My god, that is one helluva design flaw!

I beg to differ. I am by my very nature an optimistic person. I prefer to see the (shot) glass half full— if for no other reason because that’s when I know it’s time to order another one.

Bed-Stuy Beer Bong

What we have here, dear readers, may very well be the world’s largest beer bong. Belly up to the bar New Yorkers, I bet these folks throw the best damned Fourth of July barbecues in town!

Miss Heather


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