Bed-Stuy Pay Phone du Jour: Bainbridge Street

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As I was knocking around Bedford Stuyvesant this lovely and unseasonably warm afternoon I found myself getting a little peckish. Actually, I was ravenous. That’s the reason why I ducked into the local Subway franchise on Broadway. As I negotiated my way through the line one of the employees said:

The short woman is first.

Thinking they were speaking about yours truly I looked around confusedly. Then I looked down and deduced who they were talking about: a woman who (maybe) came up to my elbow. She could barely see above the counter. She was, indeed, very short. She made me look Michael Jordan.
It is a hard knock life for little people. I should know: I am one of them. Therefore, you can imagine my joy when I noticed a pay phone just down the street that had been retrofitted to better serve people of diminuative stature.

Banbridge Street Pay Phone

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

That kiosk looks like it was hit by a car.

Bainbridge Street Pay Phone, Back

This is probably because it was. You can always count on Bedford Stuyvesant to find new and innovative ways to jack up public pay phones. In fact they give us Greenpointers a serious run for our money.

Get cracking Garden Spotters!

Miss Heather


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