Happy Women’s History Month From Bedford Stuyvesant!

March 10, 2008 by
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Once in a very, very blue moon I will encounter something that even makes me say “Wow, that’s pretty offensive.” Yesterday I had such a moment on Lexington Street.

Lexington Street Truck

The item in question is located on the above pick-up truck. As you can clearly see, the owner of said motor vehicle has taken great care and expense to customize it. I suppose it’s his way of expressing himself.

Split Beav

That’s why he wasn’t content with the ubiquitous (and downright pedestrian) mud flap lady and opted for her X-rated cousin. I bet this gentleman has to beat off the women with a stick. Or beats off. A LOT.

Miss Heather


3 Comments on Happy Women’s History Month From Bedford Stuyvesant!

  1. frankrizzo on Mon, 10th Mar 2008 8:48 am

    Miss Heather as of your last post, you’re correct I was trying to have a dialogue with you in regards to your comments on the beauty of 37 North Henry St. I emailed you 2x’s, to discuss your post. I did not ask that you take down the post, not threaten to take action against you (although you have insulted me and 7 of your neighbors with your comments), I asked simply that you contact me and see the whole story. I was taught (albeit not in art school), that beauty was not just on the facade but within. I asked simply this, if you were going to say the building was ugly, ATLEAST GET THE WHOLE STORY. If after seeing the building, speaking with its residents, and myself you still felt that way, fine. This is America, and you can have your own opinion.

    But to take no one else’s opinions and feelings in to account but your own seems awfully authoritarian. Threaten me if you like, but I have done nothing but ask the question, who are you and how come you can make any comment with out having to back it up? I may be new to blogging, but my understanding is that it is an open form of communication, which I have sought with you. Where we can disagree without being disagreeable. All I asked is that you contact me to discuss this further – to this point you have not shown the ability to stand by your words. Too bad, I found some of your posts amusing and while we may of disagreed in this matter, we might of found more in common than not. Friendships have started with less.

  3. rexlic on Mon, 10th Mar 2008 9:05 am
  4. Although it will take some future scholar to nail down the precise date, I recall first seeing the mud flap ladies on eighteen-wheelers in the ’70s. This, of course, was also the era in which vans were required to sport one of two bumper stickers: “Don’t Come A-Knockin’ If The Van Is A-Rockin'” or “Ass, Grass, Or Gas: No One Rides For Free.” Those were more innocent times…

  5. al oof on Mon, 10th Mar 2008 11:10 am
  6. i can’t find a photo, but one of my least favorite bands, Glassjaw from long island, whose breakout record was almost entirely about a girl who, omg!, broke up with the lead singer and lost her edge and her virginity without him (which is apparently something it’s ok to be extremely angry about?) and who can’t help but culturally appropriate all over their merchandise, that band had that image of the mud flap girl with her legs spread as their tshirt.

    one of my oscar’s brasher moments had him publically calling a kid out for wearing it at a show we was playing in NJ. the kid was so sad the band he came to see (ours) didn’t like his shirt. what i wonder is who he thought -would- like it.

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