Bed Stuy Photo du Jour: Madison Street

April 10, 2008 by
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I have no idea whatsoever what these flowers are, but I love ’em.

Miss Heather


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  1. eric the beehivehairdresser on Thu, 10th Apr 2008 12:57 pm
  2. They’re Tulips, but I’m not sure of the species, and if you were being sarcastic about not knowing this, I shall forever be shamed.

  3. missheather on Thu, 10th Apr 2008 1:04 pm
  4. I honestly didn’t know. Horticulture is HARDLY my strong point. I stick to jade plants and begonias. I have a hard(er) time killing those. 🙂

  5. BB on Sun, 13th Apr 2008 3:44 am
  6. These tulips are called Heart’s Delight.

  7. missheather on Sun, 13th Apr 2008 3:58 am
  8. They’re my heart’s delight!

    I will now endeavor to get some and do my best not kill them.

  9. BB on Tue, 15th Apr 2008 2:27 pm
  10. They don’t force very well but if they like where they are planted, they come back every year. I highly recommend .

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