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January 16, 2008 by
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Yesterday we learned how utterly crass real estate marketing can be after taking a sojourn to Central Avenue and Stockholm Street. Perhaps I am simply clueless, but the appeal of bloated McMansions (as either a selling tool or an actual residence) eludes me. In addition to being bereft of any character whatsoever, these edifices are obscene in size— and while this might strike a chord of “luxury” to some, to me it is only that much more square footage for our herd of cats to vomit upon.

As I type away in my little apartment I occasionally lament the total lack of privacy. When I find myself in the position of having to write while the Simpsons (a favorite of Mr. Heather) is being blared at (seemingly) 100 decibels I remind myself of one very important fact: inasmuch as I dislike such “working conditions” there is one thing I despise more. This thing happens to be work. The way I see it, by reducing square footage I have also reduced the number of venues either my husband or our cats can despoil.

Bearing the previous in mind, dear readers, the reasons why I am smitten with the following pied-a-terre (located on Willoughby Avenue), should be self-evident.

Pied a terre

First off, it has a rather large front yard.


While modest in size, it is lavishly appointed with those little things that make a house a home:

  • Extra storage under the stairs
  • A handless mannequin making what appears to be a Nazi salute
  • Ghouls hanging from the rafters and most important of all…

Lucy with a Brewski

Lucy with a brewski.

Who do I make my check out to?

Miss Heather


One Comment on Miss Heather’s New Pied-a-terre

  1. rexlic on Wed, 16th Jan 2008 6:02 pm
  2. A coupla thoughts: The Halloween decorations–left over from October, or are they decidedly early for this year’s celebration?

    And long time readers of “Peanuts” will note that this is the first object to actually stick in Lucy’s baseball mitt. But between the tall boy in the pocket, the Budweiser sign (with additional wordage in Spanish), and the ‘Pernt’s bevvy of choice, Heineken, representing also, that is going to be one tipsy Van Pelt!

    And we haven’t even touched on the roll of carpeting, or the empty water cooler jug…

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