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When I awoke this afternoon (Yes, you read me correctly: I was up quite late doing some prep work for tonight’s dinner— which will be chana dal with mint sauce. Yummy.) I was shocked to see how many hits my post about “New York City’s ugliest new building” had received. When I write the previous my intent is not to boast, rather, I am shocked so many people would want to look at something so soulless and depressing.

Let’s face facts: the world can be an ugly enough place already. Why do the developers responsible for these building see fit to make matters worse? It’s probably just plain ol’ greed, but life is about a lot more than money. For this reason I am going to share something of a decidedly more upbeat nature today.

Grove Street House

And you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more cheerful than this great house on Grove Street.

Spray painted shrubbery

The shrubbery is spray painted silver.

Gate on Grove Street

Not only is the fence painted sky blue and festooned with flowers and tinsel…

Garbage Cans on Grove Street

but the garbage cans are painted to match!

Silk flowers and seating

How could a person possibly feel unhappy in an environment such as this? There are only four words to describe how the above photograph makes me feel:





Miss Heather


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