Bushwick Photos du Jour: Intimations of Gentrification

March 4, 2008 by
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Yesterday we explored the differences between Greenpoint and Buckwick’s animal statuary. For those of you who have not read this post, the following photograph (from Bushwick) will bring you (somewhat) up to speed.

Go Away

I really like the heavy chains. Were they placed around this dog’s neck to prevent theft or to keep him from mauling some innocent passerby? I suppose only his owner knows for certain. Speaking of dog owners, as I was walking down Decatur Street recently I made an important realization:

Welcome to Decatur Street

Bushwick dog owners are even scarier than their canine counterparts. Yes sir, when I see signs like this the first word that comes to my mind is gentrification. After all, once you begin to find mass produced signs invoking threats of physical violence in a neighborhood, you can rest assured luxury condominiums (and Fresh Direct) are soon to follow.

Thank goodness an upstanding citizen on Bushwick Avenue is keeping it real. “Who needs a hoity toity sign?” this person asked, “As long as I have my trusty Sharpie marker any flat surface will convey what I have to say.”

My Fucking Window

This is what I call kicking knocking it old style!

Miss Heather


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