The Falafel Front Marches South: Yummus Hummus

If you have read this blog from an appreciable period of time you know Greenpoint has recently been blessed with many a restaurant serving middle eastern fare. Mediterranean Shawarma, Kestane Kebab and Grill & Greens are but to name a few. So you can imagine my surprise when I took a sojourn south (READ: to “East Williamsburg”) and stumbled upon this.

Yummus Hummus. Intrigued and hungry I went inside.

And I decided to give the “Hummus  Hot” and a glass of iced tea a whirl. This came out to $8.50, which struck me as being pricey— but you should keep in mind yours truly is acclimatized to getting a falafel sandwich with the fixings and a “free” drink for $4.00 from Mediterranean Shawarma. But I suppose the question on everyone’s mind is this:  was it, as they say, yummus?

Yes it was! The “hot” hummus was, in fact, hot. The above bowl of goodness you should know was accompanied with pita bread, gerkins, assorted olives and crumbled feta. The iced tea was Earl Grey with a hint of mint. All in all everything was tasty but— as I said before— kind of expensive. New York Shitty analysis: given the dearth of food options in this area, the fact the people who operate this is establishment are quite nice and the hummus is as yummy as professed, I think these folks might be around for awhile!

Oh yeah, and they make all their coffee via French press.

Yummus Hummus
55 Waterbury Street
Brooklyn, New York 11206

P.S.: I was also told by the owner of this establishment that a bar is slated to open next door. The liquor license has been issued. The only hold-up is occupancy-related paperwork.


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