From The New York Shitty Inbox: An Assault/Attempted Robbery On Montrose Avenue

I have refrained from posting this item until I had all the facts. Now that I have them I will pass them along here. On Thursday, July 28, at 9:00 p.m. a young woman was assaulted after entering her apartment building on Montrose Avenue.* The assailant, who wore a red bandanna to conceal his face, wrestled her to the floor. While her companions watched he attempted to use a box cutter to cut the strap of her purse. She had the presence of mind to (as it was described to me) “scream bloody murder”. Luckily, this was enough to scare him. He fled the building and rode off on a bicycle. A police report has been filed.

It was posited to me by my tipster that this man managed to gain entrance to the building because both doors gracing the entrance were left open. Please, PLEASE let this be a warning to all reading this tome to exercise additional vigilance when exiting and entering your homes. Do not simply “buzz” people into your building. Demand that all visitors identify themselves or better yet: go to the front door in person and let people in.

For all intents and purposes Montrose Avenue is a highly trafficked and pretty safe street. If this can happen there (a stone’s throw from the 90th Precinct, I’ll add) it can happen anywhere. Stay safe, folks!

Miss Heather

*I will not give a specific address, but it was in the 100’s.


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