Parenting, Williamsburg Style

June 16, 2007 by
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The last time my husband and I went to Williamsburg we beheld a disturbing sight. It didn’t involve hipsters either. Rather, a family of three provided our evening’s allotment of disquieting behavior: a mother and father walking with their small toddler on Berry Street. Just shy of North 4th Street the toddler stopped, made this gutteral sound (like something straight out of The Exorcist) and proceeded to hurl right on the sidewalk.

Was the mother concerned? Not in the least. She collected the child and told him (her?) to keep walking. Perhaps fits of demonic vomiting are part of the daily routine— or maybe she simply doesn’t care? Given that a local piece of poop has seen fit to protect itself, I think it is the former.


Miss Heather


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  1. zoya on Sun, 17th Jun 2007 2:31 pm
  2. Vomiting in children most of the time is not a big deal. Also, some little kids throw up more than others. Unless they cannot hold anything down and become dehydrated, parents usually are not super worried.

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