Booty Call: #6 of the Greenpoint 10 is…

November 1, 2007 by
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the pimp-a-licious Stuporintendent of the Astral Apartments.

Bedbug Arms

Wishing to pay homage, I swung by Chez T & A yesterday. It would appear the critter problem at 74 India Street is alive and kicking biting.

Never mind the mushrooms.

Damn the bedbugs.

Sometimes a hardworking man (with a hard-on) needs to take pictures of half nekkid women to blow off steam.

Putting the Ass in Astral

How can fixing shit stand a chance when one can watch two hot chicks pretend to suck face instead? And badly at that.

Bad news Astral dude: Japan cornered the market on school girl lesbo shit a long time ago. I should know: I have volumes of it. I only read the articles*, lest any of you are wondering.

Which brings me to this week’s very sucky motivational poster.

Astral Asshole

Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Miss Heather

*This is a joke. I cannot read Japanese.


5 Comments on Booty Call: #6 of the Greenpoint 10 is…

  1. rowan on Thu, 1st Nov 2007 3:20 pm
  2. while i agree that Tom Tamborski (the Astral super) could certainly put forth more effort, the real culprits in the lack of maintenance of the Astral are Pistilli Realty. as much as i like my apparently bug-free apartment in the Astral, i can see that Pistilli really doesn’t give a shit. they are also incredibly evasive and rude when faced with inquiries.

  3. ewe200 on Sun, 4th Nov 2007 11:09 am
  4. I just got a leak coming through my ceiling and that scumbag of a super, Tom, won’t respond to my calls. Does anyone know which apartment is his in the building? I’d like to pay him a visit. Also, is there some type of petition that tenants can sign and get this piece of shit super out of here?

  5. missheather on Sun, 4th Nov 2007 11:52 am
  6. What is a “7A Administrator” and how does the appointment of one affect landlords?

    Typically, a 7A administrator is appointed after a judge determines that a building contains conditions “dangerous to life, health or safety” which the building owner has failed to remedy. A 7A administrator may be appointed after the petition of 1/3 of the tenants in the building or if the City’s Department of Housing Preservation & Development asks the courts to appoint an administrator.

    The previous is from

    You also might find this of interest:

  7. rowan on Thu, 8th Nov 2007 1:48 pm
  8. To ewe200: If you are still looking for the super’s apartment: If it is not posted in your lobby, Tom’s apartment info is listed as: 184 Franklin, Apt D1A. He is also usually hanging out in the lobby with crossing-guard vest guy or near Brooklyn Label. Good luck! I have found that sometimes a call to Pistilli to tell them he’s not answering your calls works…

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