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Or: Miss Heather’s Birthday Comes a Day Early

Shortly after completing the previous post I received a call from my good buddy Rachael. This surprised me a bit because my birthday is tomorrow, not today. She told she was walking down Diamond Street on the way to work and had found something I must have. I asked her what it was— and honestly I thought what she told me next sounded too good to be true.

It wasn’t.

Bring out the gimp

The man in this photo bears an uncanny resemblance to my husband, save the solitary (but important) fact that I know of no time when my husband has been duct-taped to a chair. Maybe this transpired when I wasn’t around, who knows? Even the khakis and undershirt are right on the mark. In fact, the only thing that is amiss are the empty White Castle boxes in the background. My husband eats all manner and variety of repulsive foodstuffs but even he thinks White Castle is disgusting.

I pointed out the likeness to my husband. He didn’t seem to derive the same amount of amusement from it that I did (and still do). Maybe this photo dredges up dark memories from his past? Regardless, I am going to email this photo to his mother just to see what happens. Hell, I’ll send it to my mother as well just for shits and giggles.

After getting these photos from my friend, I asked her where she found them. She said she found them on Diamond Street in a box with a pair of walkie talkies. When I went there I did find such a box —but what cracked my ass up was the label on it. It read “Readywrap Deluxe“. Very appropriate.

At this location I also found one of the most disgusting piles of bum shit I have ever seen. To my recollection, only this mountain of effluvia would (could?) qualify as being worse. On the other hand, the bits of apple peel in today’s specimen lend a substantial measure “added-value” to it… Hmmm…

1/6/07 Bum shit

Miss Heather

P.S.: This photo (and the others she gave me) were found across the street from a film studio. I suspect hope that’s where they came from.

UPDATE: I sent an email to my mother, my father and my husband’s parents with said “gimp” photo attached. It went as follows:

Looks like Sam is into some really weird stuff. I s’pose the wife is always the last to know…


I got two emails back from my mother. The first one was blank. I suspect she freaked out and hit the “send” button before writing anything. The second email, however, said this:

Say what???

I just about pissed my pants laughing. Thankfully my husband thought I was laughing at the television, which was belching “The Lawrence Welk Show” into our living room at the time. My mother is an intelligent person and I love her. The only reason she would fall for this ruse is:

  1. The man in the photo DOES look like my husband and
  2. I have dated enough degenerates and freaks that anything goes.

As it happened, my husband called his parents tonight and I spoke to to his mother. I told her to check her email, as she would find something “very interesting”. She told me she wouldn’t have email access ’til Tuesday, but that she would check it ASAP.

To be continued…


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  1. dupreciate on Thu, 26th Apr 2007 6:52 am
  2. I live across the way from this studio and haven’t found anything as cool/terrifying. I guess I need to look harder.

    There have been nights where I’ve heard what sounds like metal structures collapsing and groups of extras screaming. Hollywood magic.

    Also entertaining are the entourages that hang around whenever they’re filming rap videos, etc.

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