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Today’s “Dung of the Day” comes from a frequent commentor here at New York Shitty. “Rebecca11222” writes:

I call this pile “Fargo.”

The lattice-work layers of the poop on top of the snow remind me of Grandma’s apple pie in Winter. And the lone cigarette butt reminds me that poop don’ git done by itself. But why the cliche of the single gig butt lying near the aftermath of dog butt? I’d like to believe that the dog needed a fix after laying down the brown, but it’s probably just some asshole not taking responsibility for his dog or himself.

If you wanna see something choice, check out the creepy bodega on Manhattan Avenue between Huron and India Street*. The one where old Hispanic dudes loiter, watch television and hiss at female passersby. They’re a real bunch of charmers, these guys. Here is a picture of their handiwork. Here’s another one.

Be advised that a sign has been erected requesting that they cease littering. I seriously doubt it will do any good. They’re a bunch of fucking pigs.

Miss Heather

*NOT Green and Huron Streets as indicated in this article I read recently. An article, I would like to add, that is one of the biggest pieces of smug white liberal horseshit I have ever read in my life. And given that I AM a white liberal, that’s really saying something.

It depresses me to no end to see that so-called progressives believe in the good ol’ Calvinist/Victorian work ethic, e.g.; these ‘bums’ live on the street because they cannot or will not work. To be “workless” (or poor) is indicative of a lack of moral character. Or conversely, in the case of this offal, the bum ‘earns’ his right to sit on the author’s stoop by handling her packages. NICE.

The reason ‘bums’ blight this neighborhood is because we, the registered voters of this fine country, have failed them. A number of these men have very serious substance abuse and emotional problems. They should be in a residential treatment program, not being some bitch’s ghetto-ass concierge.

You’re one arrogant cunt, Sabine.

P.S.: Get your damn facts straight. Fuckweasel.


2 Comments on Fargo

  1. Rebecca11222 on Wed, 21st Feb 2007 8:12 pm
  2. First, I am honored to have my “piece(s)” featured.

    Second, Sabine probably wrote the same article (almost) for her college paper or for her Introduction to Feminism final. And I say this as a feminist. But a primary tenet of feminism (at least first wave) is inclusion. If you miss race, class and culture as part of the equation in this situation, you probably have never had serious financial problems that Mom & Dad couldn’t fix without a call to their broker. I’m reminded of my days in Providence, RI, when students at Brown would hold “workers’ protests” on campus, but wouldn’t drive 15 minutes to Pawtucket to hold these protests in front of the very factories that took advantage of workers.

    Look, I am not happy that “kurva” (cunt) is the first word of Polish I learned because it is thrown around so much in the ‘nabe. I don’t like it when old men make comments & stare at 12-year-old girls, or when they whip it out in broad daylight to pee. And I confront the schmucks (giving them a loud, standing ovation is VERY effective). But the alcoholism and personal dereliction we see on Manhattan an Nassau Aves. represent huge social issues. For our (USA) systems and within the Polish community (where is St. Stan’s or some other local Catholic Church for fuck’s sake – remember outreach?). Denial: it ain’t just a section of Warsaw.

  3. missheather on Wed, 21st Feb 2007 9:33 pm
  4. Damn Straight. Quite frankly, I question the veracity of Sabine’s story: if she was not fabricating it outright she was grossly EXAGGERATING. I have lived in this ‘hood for 7 years. First on Clay, now on Green Street. While this hardly makes me an old timer, I have seen a few things. I know this area (and all the so-called ‘bums’ contained therein) like the back of my hand. I have yet to account for all the derelicts she speaks of. Or her cutesy “Otis” the drunk (from the Andy Griffith Show) take on them.

    What pissed me off more than anything was her dismissive attitude towards these people, e.g.; lumping bona fide homeless people with simple malingerers. Her blase attitude about the man who kisses and plays ‘grabby titty’ pissed me off even more. There is more than one person who engages in this practice and I have yet to meet a single woman here who finds it “cute” or “funny”. My hairdresser, Toni (from Zoe’s Beauty Supply on Greenpoint Avenue), a very smart, nice and yes, CUTE, twenty-something lady has nothing but pure unrefined hatred for these guys. She has to deal with them every fucking day. It’s harassment. Period.

    If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that after the Terminal fire last year this broad probably wanted to hang the old drunk (supposedly responsible for starting it) from the highest limb. As unpopular as this viewpoint may be, I am happy the judge showed mercy towards him and ordered him onto rehabilitation. As repulsive as this man may be, he is still a human being. And clearly his family (and the community at large) failed to help him. It’s pretty fucking sad that a judge had to intervene on his behalf. After a bunch of damned cool buildings (that Josh Guttman would have probably razed anyway) burned down no less.

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