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Much has been said, but little has been written about this dining establishment. So, in the interest of the general public, I will endeavor to do so here and now.

Speaking as someone who has spent most of her life in the southwest, I have certain expectations when it comes to Mexican food. I am not a snob; some days Taco Bell is every bit as tasty as Taco Chulo to my taste buds. But finding baby corn in my nachos freaks me out. That’s what I found when my husband brought me nachos from Yummy Taco— and much, much more…

A long time ago I was feeling under the weather. My husband, in his infinite kindness, offered to pick me up something to eat on the way home from work. I requested nachos. When I opened the styrofoam take-out container from Yummy Taco, here’s what I found:

  1. 4 or 5 corn chips
  2. a pile of beans
  3. salsa whose flavor closely resembled Pace picante sauce
  4. mushrooms
  5. baby corn
  6. broccoli
  7. cheese
  8. GREEN pico de gallo

I have patronized a number of Chinese-owned/operated Mexican restaurants. While none would remotely qualify as blue-chip fare, this was the first (and hopefully LAST) time I have ever seen green pico, mushrooms and baby corn employed in Mexican cuisine. My husband recently made a joke about the DOH’s recent crackdown on restaurants:

Yummy Taco better watch out, the Health Inspector is coming!

To wit I quipped,

Yummy Taco has nothing to worry about. That green pico of theirs probably keeps the rats at bay. Even rodents wouldn’t eat that shit; it’d probably kill them.

Which brings me to today’s “Dung of the Day” from 118 Freeman Street…

31407 Dung of the Day

and a photo of Yummy Taco’s storefront.

Bum shit and rice

Looks like someone else (a food critic from the New York Times?) shares my opinion of their fare. Yummy indeed!

Miss Heather


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