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Like a number of you, I frequently wonder about who (or perhaps more accurately, what) my neighbors are. These musings are usually preceded by my:

  1. finding a new piece porn (homemade or professional, I have found both— on several occasions).
  2. watching the police perform their duties. “To protect and serve” hereabouts seems to mean breaking up melees fueled by alcohol, infidelity and abject stupidity. OR
  3. hopscotching over ungodly amounts of dog shit.

Yesterday I did #3. What I assumed would be a one block trek in the rain to get me a bottle of Ito-En tea from the Franklin Corner Store ended up being a slush-ridden gauntlet through dog shit hell. It was a veritable sea of fly-ridden shit soup!

It was gross. VERY GROSS. A little backwash of vomit even crept up my throat while I photographed some of this shit. No joke.

Conclusion: my neighbors are inconsiderate, lazy pigs. my neighbors are sexually perverse, inconsiderate, lazy pigs.

Miss Heather


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