Times Are Tough Indeed!

October 27, 2008 by
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Earlier today my buddy over at Queens Crap forwarded me this story from the New York Daily News. I glanced at the contents. I found them hardly surprising. I did, however, find the following comment* compelling:

THIS PROPERTY IS IN WILLIAMSBURG, NOT GREENPOINT. 235 JACKSON STREET “11211”. This reporter should do some fact checking before they try to smear a neighborhood. Greenpoint property values have actually risen 6% (not dropped) because we didn’t have all the overdevelopment of cheap ugly condos that Williamsburg did..

Whoa dude! That’s some pretty rough stuff to throw at a gal drinking her first cup of morning coffee. In addition, I fail to see why there is really any difference between over-development in Williamsburg and over-development in Greenpoint: it’s all crap no matter how you cut it. Or is it? Which brings me to the curious conversation I overheard in front of the following building on Manhattan Avenue in Williamsburg this afternoon.

Man #1: Hello there!
Man #2: Give me a bag of blow.

WOW. You know it truly has become a buyer’s market when they start demanding perquisites like Bolivian marching powder!

Miss Heather

*I have a very, VERY good idea who is responsible for this comment.


2 Comments on Times Are Tough Indeed!

  1. rowan on Tue, 28th Oct 2008 6:54 pm
  2. ooh the suspense! will you share the findings – or will that cause holy hell?

  3. missheather on Thu, 30th Oct 2008 5:05 am
  4. Neighborhood Roots.

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