Nydia Velazquez Rocks!

This video (which I learned about via Queens Crap) does not pertain to Brooklyn per se, but it all too eloquently explains how eminent domain abuse and excessive (and contextually inappropriate) development harms working class neighborhoods and small business owners.

The building boom is over. How can this city’s officials honestly purport that ousting businesses at Willet’s Point and razing it to the ground (in the hopes that someone develops it) is progress? Really? What’s happening in my neighborhood and in Williamsburg* should be a sobering testament to the contrary.

Miss Heather

*Both of which are located in her district. See for yourself!


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  1. nbenford on Sat, 1st Nov 2008 11:58 am
  2. “We really can’t have the applause in here…” Good presentation, though, if a little bit wooden. That’s the first time that I’ve heard of the bear market affecting housing prices in areas like Williamsburg. I always thought the trust funders were endless in number and would fill any overpriced space. If they can’t rent around here, I’m afraid Willet’s Point has no hope.

  3. superclam on Sat, 1st Nov 2008 6:25 pm
  4. My union says I should vote for her, and I’m gonna!!
    The other aspect that not everyone knows about is how shitty these new “luxury” developments are. I’ve inspected many in Manhattan & Brooklyn and the majority have major construction flaws. These are expensive buildings that are homes to some well known, rich people that are leaking throughout, have drafts through walls, faulty plumbing, etc. Of course, the interior finishes are nice.
    A few months ago, I was assigned to investigate leaking at a building in Williamsburg. As I was walking down the block, I saw the one building that didn’t fit in architecturally with the rest of the block, with balconies, “modern” finishes, etc. This turned out to be the building in question, 4 years old and leaking throughout.
    I know you, Heather, talk about “Fedders” buildings; I walk around North Brooklyn pointing out to my now-tired-of-hearing-about-it wife EIFS buildings. Buildings built with metal stud and exterior styrofoam. These buildings are invariably crap because it’s installed wrong and really not suited for the NYC climate, in my professional opinion.
    Just today, I was walking down Huron (I think) and I saw the “Geo” condo, I believe that’s what it’s called. Forgive me if you’ve covered this already. Anyway, I knocked on the wall and heard that hollow sound of architectural styrofoam. This monster will be leaking on it’s wealthy (if they can sell it) residents in 5, mark my words.
    Sorry! I strayed off topic!

  5. superclam on Sat, 1st Nov 2008 7:16 pm
  6. 5 [u] years [/u} that is.

  7. superclam on Sat, 1st Nov 2008 7:35 pm
  8. Ok, the word “years” was supposed to be underlined. I’ll just stop now.

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