Urban Artifact du Jour: If You See Something, Say Something

November 3, 2008 by
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Every year I do the same thing: forget to buy my husband an anniversary present. Thankfully providence intervened when we hopped on the B24 to go to dinner.

The chap to the right dropped something out of his pocket. Being a highly inquisitive person I craned my head over to get a closer look. I chuckled.

It was at that moment the tension in the back of the bus became palpable enough to cut with a kitchen knife; he was looking at it, I was looking at it, his friend (to the left) stared at it. Even Mr. Heather was transfixed. Someone had to do something to stop this stand-off. So, being the cold-hearted bitch I am, I stepped over, snatched it up, laughed at it, showed it to Mister Heather and jammed it into my pocket. Problem solved!

Perhaps this is some money-making ploy by the MTA to avoid raising fares?

The fake boobs on this gal are quite remarkable. I suspect John Goodman could use them for flotation devices. I wonder if she comes with an “EasyPay Fare Option“?*

Miss Heather

*And uses these condoms, for that matter.


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  1. rodmur on Mon, 3rd Nov 2008 6:05 pm
  2. Good to see all those discarded metrocards being put to good use! 😉

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