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I spied this menu in the window of a laundromat yesterday. Thinking this was a new restaurant in/near the ‘hood I grabbed a menu. It isn’t. Here’s the scoop.

ANYTIME is a website: www.anytimeny.com. This site (which appears to be in development) not only offers to deliver food, but smokes and beer as well. Their hours are 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m. daily and their delivery zone (as culled from their web site) is as follows:

It should also be noted that they accept credit cards (VISA, AmEx, Mastercard and Discover): $15.00 minimum for delivery.

If and/or when any of you, dear readers, give this business a whirl let me know. I’m quite curious to say the least! And oh yeah, you get a free soft drink with your first “web purchase”.

ANYTIME: Late night food, booze & smokes

Next up, (and a note of somewhat well-substantiated intelligence), the mastermind(s) behind the Endless Summer taco truck which graces the intersection of North 7th Street and Bedford Avenue is going to expand to some more permanent digs…


Tacos & More is the name.
668 Manhattan Avenue is the address.
And (718) 346-2626 will be their phone number.

It is slated to open “next year”. Given that that our current one is almost over I imagine the wait will not be too long.

Last up, my buddy Larry da Junkman loves all things cheap. Especially coffee. I love wine (a hearty glass of claret on a cold day is noting short of sheer bliss). So you can imagine my delight when I checked out the new Porto Rico coffee shop he tipped me off to only find a new(ish) wine shop to boot!

Porto Rico, regrettably, was closed. But I did take a looksee at blue angel.

All in all, it was pretty neat. They had an interesting selection, much of their stock was quite affordable (READ: At/under $15.00 a bottle) and a very handsome chap named “Dude” mans the premises.

Had there not been a screaming child * on the premises I would have stuck around and made a purchase. Methinks I might take them up on delivery instead: blue angel delivers “throughout Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint” daily from noon to 9:00 p.m. One bottle up to TWO CASES. You know, for those extra special occasions.

Porto Rico Coffee & Tea
636 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

blue angel wines
638 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
(718) 388-2210

To close on a somewhat related note, X-tra Discount is back! Their new store will be located just across the street from their old digs (which is now WaMu). Seekers of affordable housewares in Greenpoint rejoice.


Miss Heather

UPDATE, 4:18 p.m.: I just received a very nice email from one of the peeps behind ANYTIME. Jessica writes:

Hello Miss Heather.  I hope you are having a lovely Monday.  It’s nice that it warmed up a little today.  I LOVE what you do and I’m a very avid reader of your posts, thus I was overcome with excitement to see that today you wrote about my restaurant, Anytime, and so I figured I should tell you a little bit more about us.

The original owners opened shop in ‘99 and were on North 6th Street until my partners and I built a sparkling new kitchen on Skillman Ave in August.  We are working on making a spectacular eat-in restaurant and are delivering to all of Greenpoint and Williamsburg until 5 am every night, though we are closed f’ Thanksgiv’n and Christmas.  The sad news..L.. is that we are still awaiting our new liquor license for the new space, so there won’t be any beer deliveries until early next year. The good news however, is that we just started an amazing new menu last week (which you saw) and which I am very excited about.  Our chef, Berty Richter (previously of Lamb & Jaffy) makes delicious hummus daily from scratch and we have added some real gems to the menu.  My favorites are the Soy Honey Ginger Wings, Cuban Toasted Sandwich and Pumpkin Cheesecake!

I really do hope that you and Mister Heather will give us a try, and let me know how you like it.

Thanks for posting about us and have a great Thanksgiving!

As “Chip” would say to “Dale”:

No, Thank YOU! 😉

*It should be noted that said child belonged to a client, not the proprietors.

Photo Credit: Endless Summer Tacomobile; www.offmanhattan.com


3 Comments on Miscellaneous Foodstuffs

  1. canyouwink on Mon, 24th Nov 2008 11:33 am
  2. Yay! I live across the street from Tacos & More and have been waiting impatiently for them to open. I peeked in the window about 2 weeks ago and saw one of those big whole multi-chicken rotisserie things going. If they have decent fish tacos I will never leave my block again. For some reason though I thought they were affiliated with the guy that used to have the taco cart at the triangle where Bedford, Nassau and Lorimer meet and not Endless Summer?

  3. rowan on Mon, 24th Nov 2008 2:36 pm
  4. Anytime was a real restaurant up until perhaps this summer. It was both a lounge and restaurant as well as delivery. I ate at the restaurant once, wasn’t too impressed.However for a change of pace in delivery food, it is really good. And yes, they will deliver beers/cigs to you, upon showing ID to the delivery guy when he arrives. Have heard good murmurings about Blue Angel, too.

  5. neighborhood threat on Mon, 24th Nov 2008 6:27 pm
  6. anytime would ahve to be the last restaurant open on the planet for me to describe it as ‘pretty good’. it was ‘pretty good’ because it would deliver to you at 2am. but the DOH points against them were severe in the extreme, the service horrific, and it just went downhill from there. read the comment thread on free williamsburg about this place. they’re not all wrong.

    my other complaint about them was their delivery packaging. it was a series of cardboard boxes… with holes in them. i understand wanting to be ecologically sound, but it just guaranteed cold food.

    that said, i’ll gladly give them another chance. but seriously, clean up that DOH report.

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