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The one thing I am going to miss now that the real estate boom is over is the mind-bogglingly bad locations being shilled as quite “livable” by developers. Let’s take the L Haus, for example.

Nestled next to Brooklyn’s Eighth Wonder Of The World (that being the Pulaski Bridge) this phlegm-hued architectural marvel makes me think of many things. Livability is not one of them. But believe it or not I discovered recently locations can come worse. Where did I have this epiphany, you ask? Where else: Greenpoint. Albeit by a nose.

Behold 20 Division Place.

Located at the bucolic paradise that is the intersection of Division Place and Debevoise Avenue, this lot not only sits atop the Meeker Avenue plume, but it is also been approved by the Board Of Standards and Appeals (in their nothing less than Solomon-like wisdom) for six condominium units and four garages! I know you are all reaching for check books about now so I have been kind enough to share the scenic vistas which await the person lucky enough to call this Valhalla home.

Here’s Debevoise Avenue looking north.

Division Place facing east.

Debevoise Avenue facing south.

If you lived here these shoes could be yours!

And of course Division Place facing west. I am certain there’s a nice view of Manhattan to be had here if exercise enough imagination.

And while you’re there why not say hello to some of your new neighbors?

The folks in apartment two seem like normal enough folks to me.

Miss Heather


4 Comments on Location, Location, Location…

  1. superclam on Thu, 4th Dec 2008 7:30 pm
  2. At one point, someone had to decide to go with the yellow and orange (? burnt umber?) vaguely brick-like metal panel installation.
    I want to know: When was this point? Who made this decision? Why did they think it was a good idea? Did the panel manufacturer only have piss yellow in stock?
    Questions for which I may never have the answer.

  3. rowan on Thu, 4th Dec 2008 8:31 pm
  4. nice positioning of the utility (or whatever it is) box over the last 4 digits of the phone number.

  5. addrobinson on Fri, 5th Dec 2008 9:18 pm
  6. Having know the residents of apt 2 for many years, and having read you blog for slightly less time. I can say with out a doubt that the residents of apt 2 are way more normal than people who spends countless hours placing fake plastic tits on anything & everything from the garden spot to wall st. You of all people should know not to judge a book by its cover.

  7. missheather on Sat, 6th Dec 2008 3:16 pm
  8. addrobinson: You’re taking this post way too seriously. I have not now nor have I ever really taken myself too seriously —much less considered myself normal (gave up on that a long, long time ago). There are two things I wanted to get across in this post:

    1. BAD urban planning and the greed that fuels it.
    2. Raising awareness of the Meeker Avenue plume.

    Both you and your friends at 91 should watch the latter carefully. Dry cleaning chemicals are very, VERY toxic. You deserve to live in a clean (or at least remediated) environment. This right should not be reserved solely for people who buy condos.

    That said I like the menagerie of stuff gracing the front of 91. It has character (and what’s more my abode is also a hodgepodge of stuff. I like stuff.): something the powers that be are doing their best to eradicate by building crap like what the BSA approved for 20 Division.

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