Don’t Mess with a Greenpoint Girl

June 10, 2007 by
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I was dog-ass tired when I got off from work yesterday afternoon. Although my work day was by all accounts pleasant, I did get my fair share of dirty old men hissing “Hi mami” at me. If it was the intent of these men to piss me off, it worked; I was in a turd of a mood when I arrived home.

When I got to the front door of my building I noticed that the Superintendant’s daughter was having a feminist issues of her own.

Don’t mess with girl

Call her a modern day Valerie Solanas packing Crayola heat. Call her the Gloria Steinem of the six year old set. Call her whatever you want, but you sure as fuck better not give her any shit.

Boys kiss my ass

Especially of you happen to be male.

Hmm. She is probably a little too young to cut her teeth on “The Feminine Mystique”. I think I will get her started on her path to angry adulthood with a nice feminist coloring book instead.*

Miss Heather

*A quote: “We pledge allegiance to all-girl bands, pro choice rallies, and witchcraft.” This has got to be the most fucking awesome thing I have ever read. This should be on a t-shirt. Seriously.


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