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January 26, 2009 by
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On January 7, 2009 I wrote:

…I have given these people quite a drubbing over their misspelled signage. Well, I am pleased to announce they have since fixed it and have learned from their bartendress (a very nice lady) that tonight they’ll be rolling out their dinner menu.* You can get a sneak peek of their offerings (including “Magic Split Pea Soup”**) by clicking here. Otherwise, you can see their brunch menu by clicking here. I have also been told they will be serving lunch on weekdays!…

Miss Heather

*Which will be rotated seasonally.
**Not be be confused with magic mushroom soup. I will never forget when I was in a defensive driving class EONS ago and I overheard a woman talk about going to Jamaica. She and her husband decided to try a bowl of “magic mushroom soup”. They were incapacitated in their hotel room for 2 days.

Well I had dinner there Saturday night and it was pretty good. The service was a bit slow as was the kitchen. The portions were odd as well, but that comes with a new restaurant. My chickpea burger and pita bread appetizer was delicious! I say give these folks a couple weeks to iron out the kinks and give them a try. Avoid ordering the Malbec unless you don’t mind paying $10.00 per glass.

The River Barrel
160 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss “Please ask for permission before posting my stuff” Heather


3 Comments on The River Barrel Update

  1. rowan on Mon, 26th Jan 2009 6:04 pm
  2. smoked gouda. yum. babaganoush and spicy red pepper dip. yum. plus their bathroom is really nice.

  3. addrobinson on Thu, 29th Jan 2009 5:12 pm
  4. I know its still new, but i had a laughable experience there. Seriously, set your tables before the customers arrive, at least then you will know there is something extremly sticky all over the table. Make a drink list, so that your clueless waitress won’t have to badly explain the beers you have on tap like I have never heard of any of them. Or educate the staff a bit better, but I think a drink list is not all that crazy, plus people won’t be surpised by the the price of their drink. And third, who thought up the plate set up for the hanger steak, lets put a huge bowl full of subpar mac n’ cheese on another plate w/ the steak and onions. The bowl was so large that I could barly even see the steak hidden under the rim of the bowl, let alone cut the steak with the bowl on the plate. Hopefuly they will get their act together soon, we need more good places to eat in the nabe. Also, the main reason I went there was becuase the chef of river barrel was in the restaurent where I work a week prior talking the place up. Glad I could vent to someone.

  5. foodiej81 on Tue, 3rd Feb 2009 11:53 am
  6. there is a printed drink menu with all of the tap and bottled beers available and placed on every table.
    I guess I take it personally because my husband is the chef there and I know he would appreciate knowing if people didn’t 100% enjoy his food. Especially if he took the time to tell you about the restaurant in the first place. In the future please ask to speak to him if you are not loving his food or if you have a suggestions, he loves feed back, good or bad.
    and for the mac and cheese, so not sub par…

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