The Honeymoon Is Over!

August 21, 2007 by
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No, I am not talking about my buddy and all-around nice chap who operates The Gowanus Lounge. If an email I received this morning is any indication, he is having quite a good time gallivanting in the sun as we are getting soaked:

I have noticed at the bottom of my firefox browser that it’s currently saying 58 degrees with light rain. The temp here has not varied a beat–it’s 85 daytime with blue skies and bright sun every day. Not an overcast day or drop of rain. At least, where we are. Maui has many micro climates. It’s cool and often overcast in the mountains. And tropical rainy on the other side of the island.*

After looking out my living room window, staring at the pouring rain and shivering in my thermal underwear, I rattled off a hasty reply to the above missive. I will not go into much detail (because frankly, it is none of your business), but I will make it known that the following phrase was employed:

Would you like to buy a vowel?

Anyone care to buy a vowel?

Rather, I speak of a lemur I discovered being ravished by E.T. on Franklin Street last month. Inasmuch as it pains me to tell you this, dear readers, it looks like things have gotten ugly. Follows is a photographic time line of our newlyweds’ descent into marital dystopia.


Sure, at first I thought the lemur was uncomfortable with this arrangement…


but by 7/20/07 he (or she?) seemed to be getting into the spirit of things.


Over two weeks later the party was still going strong. Damn, this monkey’s getting more lap than a cloth napkin at a fish fry!


Alas, last week I was shocked and dismayed to find this poor lemur getting jacked up by none other than the Incredible Hulk! Perhaps this little primate is into the rough stuff? I suppose only time will tell.

To each their own, I guess.

Miss Heather

*To he who basks in the sun as I am busily building my ark: this is just gentle ribbing. Have a safe trip back to the Boro of Kings. A bucket of chilled water balloons awaits you.

Just kidding.

I think.


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