Business as Usual at 154 West Street

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As promised in this post, I decided to swing by 154 West Street this morning and see what’s shaking. True to form, they were busy working*.

Business as usual at 154 West Street

They were even so kind as to obstruct the sidewalk while they were at it.

Obstructed sidewalk at 154 West Street

While I was taking the above photographs a young yuppie father approached with his daughter. She was learning to ride a bike. He was not very happy when he had to advise her to go on the street because the sidewalk was cluttered with the instruments of this contractor’s trade.

I do not think this gent’s anger was the least bit unmerited. It is not unreasonable to expect that the sidewalks be clear for passage. Especially on a weekend. A HOLIDAY WEEKEND, no less. Rather, I find it very unreasonable to obstruct a sidewalk with a miter and table saw while doing weekend construction without a variance.


These are the permits posted at this site. Two are for construction, the third (at the bottom) is for electrical work. Nary a permit allowing off-hours work was to be found.

This is easily one of the most in your face examples of the total disregard many contractors (and in all likelihood, the people who hire them) have for the law. Then again, can you honestly blame them? It’s not like the rules established by the Department of Buildings are enforced in any consistent and effective fashion anyway.

And when the cat’s away, the mice will play!

Miss Heather

*At 10:15 a.m.


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