A Lesson in Wish Fulfillment…

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and why you should never take a box springs from the street!

Last night my husband and I opted for a late dinner with red wine at the Greenpoint Coffee House. Since it was really nice out, we sat outside. As usual, I positioned myself so I could see the intersection of Green and Franklin Street. I do this so I can “see all the good stuff”. And good stuff I saw.

Box Springs On Green Street

This box springs was sitting at the corner of Franklin and Green Street. I pointed it out to my husband.

Where is it?

he asked. “It’s pretty damned hard to miss.” I said “It’s in the middle of the sidewalk.” After finding it he said:

I wonder why it is there?

“I dunno.” I replied. Does one really need a reason to leave a box springs in the middle of the sidewalk? I think not. “Today is, after all, the first of the month.” I mused to myself.

Earlier I had seen a number of people moving in and out of the neighborhood. On Manhattan Avenue I saw a trust fund chick moving in. Or should I say her parents were unloading her furniture from their SUV as she was yammering away on her cell phone. Conversely, the sheer quantity of painting, objets d’arte and art supplies I found on the sidewalks this morning bore witness that a number of artists had moved out.

This is a when a woman walking a rather large mutt came into view on Franklin. As she was approaching the mattress I said:

I hope that dog pisses on that box springs.

And he did.

Golden Showers for Golden Slumber

The End.

Miss Heather


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