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hot-damnthumbAfter giving the matter considerable thought I have come to the conclusion my life generally revolves around two things:

1. Consuming Mexican food
Searching for more Mexican food to consume

Incomprehensible as it may seem to some of you I not only can but often will eat nothing but Mexican food for days on end. Few things please me for breakfast more than a plate of enchiladas. That is save of course tamales but that’s where I hit an impasse:

1. I’m too lazy to make them.
Most tamales to be found are NOT vegetarian.

Therefore you can imagine my delight when I found the above announcement at the Beaner Bar. Mouth watering, I went in for a late morning fix.


Once I placed my order I busied myself with the cup of Homies. Whoever came up with this idea is damned genius, not unlike place mats at Denny’s these little guys kept me entertained as I awaited for my hunk of corn-husk wrapped, tomatillo slathered goodness.


This is what a Beaner Bar cheese tamale looks like. Note the two salsas to the right. The red one was tasty but a teensy bit mild for my taste. I am very persnickety about my salsas. What’s more I want the most bang for my $3.00, e.g.; I want it to burn coming in and going out. Twenty Four hours later I was happy to learn the green salsa fit the bill perfectly.


I could resist playing with the Homies as I enjoyed my meal. Here they are cheering me on as I knock back that shot glass of green salsa. In all seriousness (or at least as serious as one can be about eating tamales and playing with Homies) if any of you find yourselves on the other side of the BQE some Sunday afternoon give these bad boys a whirl. The vegans out there reading this take note: they do on occasion serve vegan tamales as well. Check it out!

Jose’s Momma’s Tamales
Sundays at the Beaner Bar
447 Graham Avenue
Brookyn, New York 11211

(718) 599-1063

Oh yeah, I would woefully remiss if I didn’t make mention of their bathroom. Better yet— I’ll show it to you instead!

Miss Heather


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  1. bestviewinbrooklyn on Wed, 13th May 2009 8:46 am
  2. That looks amazing. Also loving Mexican food, I’ve tried lots of places for veggie versions. It’s resulted in my husband getting a lot of items minus one bite. “Sin carne” can still include chicken, pork, shrimp, and various other tidbits. I’ve found that “solo con queso, nada mas” works at times. But then I have to ask for cebolla, lechuga, tomate…you get the idea. That tamale looks good enough to trek for.

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