From The New York Shitty Inbox: The Fun Keeps On Coming At 184 Eagle Street…

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or would that be the Luxe Guesthouse?


Anonymous writes:

Greetings… I noticed that you covered the “shadiness” that is the development at 184 Eagle St. I am sad to say, I am a resident at 184 Eagle St, and unbelievably I am under a lease. I can tell you first hand that this place is basically a Hostel, and while most original tenants have found a way out of here, I am still trying (with my security/last month intact). Nevertheless, shady things keep happening at the building (the other day a group of girls at the door asked me if the “club” was open today, whatever that means).

Perhaps that D.O.B. complaint I found so amusing is true?


As you can see this was filed February, 5 2009…


and we’re still waiting.

In closing here are some screencaps of Luxe Guesthouse’s and Department of Buildings respective web sites for your amusement.


Since when in the course of requesting a reservation is one’s gender, nature of visit and nationality been relevant to secure a place to hang one’s hat. Oh wait, I forgot, this place is totally illegal!


1/30/09: the Department of Buildings takes note that 184 Eagle Street is a new building without a valid Certificate of Occupancy.

2/27/09: I am tipped off to an illegal hotel/hostel being operated at 184 Eagle Street.

2/28/09: I am tipped off that the powers behind Luxe Guesthouse have been canvassing Greenpoint businesses.


3/19/09: “Caller states there is an illegal apartment on the 5th floor”


3/19/09: the Department of Buildings takes note, once again, that 184 Eagle Street has no valid Certificate of Occupancy.

3/30/09: I beat my head against the wall once again.


4/3/09: The Department of Buildings notes the elevator at “182 Eagle” is not functioning properly. So they issue paperwork to the respondent:

Best Value Inc.
394 McGuiness Blvd. LIC, NY 11222.

Could someone please explain to me the previous timeline of municipal malfeasance? Let’s review:

  • We have a building with no certificate of occupancy whatsoever.
  • Yet it is inhabited by renters…
  • and patrons of an illegal hotel/hostel.
  • The Department of Buildings is clearly aware of C of O issue.
  • They have cited the owners of this building twice for this offence.
  • They have cited the owners of this building for an inoperative elevator.
  • Yet the Department of Buildings has yet to figure out what many of us know already: 184 Eagle Street is being run as an illegal hostel/hotel.

Which brings me to this:


A Certificate of Occupancy is used for a number of purposes:

  1. to establish how a property is to be used, e.g.; residential, commercial, manufacturing, etc.
  2. it also establishes occupancy, e.g.; how many people can be in said space.
  3. it is used to determine taxes on landlords.

This building has no Certificate of Occupancy. Luxe Guesthouse, AKA: 184 Eagle Street, will only take cash, money orders, travelers checks and paypal. Can you say tax evasion?

Miss Heather


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