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143 Huron At Dusk

I took the above photo at 7:15 this evening. It was not on my agenda to photograph the Greenpoint skyline tonight; the gentlemen working at the above-depicted construction site deserve full credit for making that happen. At 7:00 p.m. I was reading in the bedroom when I heard a major ruckus. It was the sound of metal being pounded with a great deal of force— possibly by a riveter. I crept out of the bedroom and peered out the living room window. Nothing. Just noise.

“Fucking Magic Johnson!”

I mumbled under my breath as I climbed the stairs to the roof. I look at 110 Green; no workers are to be found. I redirect my attention to 143 Huron Street. CLANG!

Man at work

There’s my guy! Yes, I realize this photo is hardly a smoking gun, but it was the best I could get given the lighting (I had to open the aperture a lot) and my camera. From what I could tell there were two men working in there. One where the arrow is— he was the one making the noise— and another one to the far left. Perhaps they thought no one could see them back there? Why would someone need to? You could fucking hear them a block away!

Naturally, I called 311. I filed a complaint about noise (with the DEP) and another one about illegal after-hours construction (with the DOB). The operator told me someone had filed a similar complaint a short time earlier; I insisted mine be added. I wrote the case numbers on my dry erase board. Tomorrow I will forward them (with a letter giving a brief description of what I beheld— or more accurately, HEARD) to Community Board 1.

I strongly recommend that any/all Huron Streeters out there who also experienced the delightful din this evening (and reported it to the city) follow suit.

Community Board 1
(meets second Tuesday of the month)
435 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 389-0009
(718) 389-0098

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