Reader Contribution Du Jour: The Garden Spot Muffler Man

June 8, 2009 by
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This weekend I posted an image of a rather impressive muffler man from Greenwood Heights. Not to be outdone I found an impressive specimen from our very own 11222 lurking in my inbox this morning. It comes courtesy of Thomas Bachman.



Those of you who wish to make this dapper chap’s* acquaintance can do so on Cherry Street which, as you can see, does not quite live up to the pastoral nature of its name nowadays— although a few weeds can be spied in the background. Great catch, Thomas!

Miss Heather

*Who appears to be wearing something resembling a diaper. Given the lack of public facilities in the area this is completely understandable.


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  1. vintagejames on Mon, 8th Jun 2009 11:34 am
  2. Years ago, there was someone in Willets Point who used to make sculpture from automotive exhaust pipes, etc. It was nice. Willets Point, a vital economic community and a boon to drivers is one of the few places where someone can get a car fixed correctly. They do the old things like bend pipe and weld to remedy a situation. Not just tell someone they have to replace the whole damn thing. But in his infinite wisdom Mayor Mike has decided that it is a wasteland only T.S. Eliot could love and must be redesigned as a convention and whatever thing like the wonderful Atlantic Yards project. Long live hotels and conventions. Screw people who live here.

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