Dog Day Afternoon

September 28, 2007 by
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As a youth I had dreams. They were thoroughly and utterly crushed. I probably had ambition once as well. This too, is gone. But I am not totally without purpose: I have goals. It’s the little milestones (like the following) that shake me out of my existentialist angst and get my fat ass out of bed.

The Doginator

I have seen this dynamic duo twice. Both times I failed to capture them on my camera. Just like a teenage boy unwrapping his first condom, my enthusiasm foiled my efforts: all I got was a blurry mess instead. Not this time. I was ready and I got ’em. Where else? McGuinness Boulevard. One man’s congested, filthy thoroughfare is Miss Heather’s avenue of wish-fulfillment.

The gent driving this Jeep (presumably this canine’s companion*) is a responsible pet owner too! This pampered pooch wears a harness specifically designed to attach to a seatbelt. The Doginator eyewear really rounds out the ensemble. Stylish and safe. Perfect attire for a leisurely drive down Mickey G’s on a sultry Thursday afternoon. I give it two paws up.

Miss Heather

*He seemed a little confused when I told him I loved his dog’s glasses. Immediately thereafter, a chap sitting in front of the McGuinness Auto Parts Store told me he loved my glasses. I thanked him and told him I loved his glasses. It was like Chip and Dale— and Dale. Greenpoint at its very finest— but what else would one expect from the boulevard named McGuinness?


3 Comments on Dog Day Afternoon

  1. rowan on Fri, 28th Sep 2007 9:33 am
  2. dear miss heather,
    it’s dynamic duo, not dual.

    cheers from a proofreader. happy friday.

  3. missheather on Fri, 28th Sep 2007 10:02 am
  4. CORRECTED! Thanks. I was really, really beat when I wrote this post.

  5. rowan on Fri, 28th Sep 2007 1:06 pm
  6. it’s all good. and it’s Friday. you’re allowed. as of 5pm i put my red pen away and forget all about it.

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