Greenpoint Represents at Atlantic Antic!

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I did not go to the Brooklyn Blogade meet-up in Bedford Stuyvesant.

Sometimes you gotta quit blogging and start living. That’s what I did yesterday. My husband, best buddy Rachael and I went to the Atlantic Antic. Mr. Heather wanted to see buses. He saw them. Rachael wanted to consume all manner and variety of artery-clogging meatitude with the Mr. H. She did. What did I get?

Steve’s Key Lime Pie

A key lime pie beyond compare.

Falling Down

A self-absorbed bitch and her less attractive sycophant (engaged in the all too pervasive discussion about who was fucking who) bumping into me and spilling sangria on my shirt. Thankfully for them, my love of the movie Falling Down overrode my desire to get in their face.

Bad news. Your trust fund just tanked. And you’re gonna die forced to live like the rest of us, wearing that stupid hat hair cut. How does it feel?

But enough negativity. Let’s talk Greenpointivity… and Atlantic Antic had it!

Wine Cellar Sorbet

The fine fellas from Greenpoint’s very own Wine Cellar Sorbet were in effect. Don’t let the above photo fool you, they were…



We want wine sorbet!

Very, very busy.

Why? Because their product is fucking fantastic! The co-proprietor, Bret, did not recognize me at first (because of my constant hair color-changing, reclusive and overall chameleon-like behavior).

Hi, I’m Heather.

I said.

Bret (crazy busy): ?

Me: Miss Heather of Newyorkshitty.

Bret: I didn’t recognize you. You changed your hair!

High fives were exchanged. Sorbet was consumed and my husband, the Prince Consort of Shit, paid for it. It was delicious.

Click here to learn where you can get your own.

Miss Heather

P.S.: You can check out my Atlantic Antic pix here.


3 Comments on Greenpoint Represents at Atlantic Antic!

  1. sickboymh on Mon, 1st Oct 2007 10:42 am
  2. Had a great time at the Antic. But $4 for sorbet!! Its a streetfair, $4 bucks for a cup of sorbet at a streetfair is nuts. That really brought me down. Luckily a dollar water ice cheered me up.

  3. al oof on Mon, 1st Oct 2007 10:15 pm
  4. i heard about that wine sorbet a while back (it was on cool in your code) and i was like, ooo, interesting, but i’m not much for wine and i kind of forgot about it except once when for some reason i couldn’t find it from googling. anyway, now that you mention it, i’m going to get some tomorrow, hopefully the sangria kind, because my partner loves sangria. i’m pretty psyched that it’s sorbet and not ice cream and is vegan, because my partner is also vegan.

    anyway, i mention all this because you should get a commision or something.

  5. al oof on Tue, 2nd Oct 2007 5:17 pm
  6. sickboy – the sorbet is alcoholic. 4 bucks for a drink isn’t bad.

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