New York Shitty Day Ender: A Tale Of Two Cities

July 5, 2009 by
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As I have previously mentioned I spent today knocking around Little Neck and Douglaston with Kevin Walsh. One commenter, dc108, was concerned about Mr. Walsh’s welfare and wrote:

Did you really drag that poor man out while he’s recovering from heart surgery?

That “poor man” drug yours truly and the Mister for a three mile walk! I’m exhausted— but so much so to preclude sharing a slide show and a few thoughts.

1. Cherry Street, Greenpoint and Cherry Street, Douglaston are quite different.
2. In fact, Greenpoint and Douglaston are very different in a number of ways:

  • Among other things Greenpoint has a lot less “green” in it than Douglaston. With greenery comes insects. I had the pleasure of being bitten by a number of them.
  • But Douglaston, not being Greenpoint, I had the peace of mind to know my lesions were probably not bedbug induced.
  • Douglaston smells good, Greenpoint nowadays not so much.
  • Greenpoint has its fair share of dysfunctional pay phones. But when someone in Douglaston destroys a public pay phone he (or she) is thoughtful enough to put the receiver back on the hook.

But enough talk… on with the show!

All in all I found Douglaston to be a very nice place… but I wouldn’t want to live there. Sure it has trees, flowers aplenty, and a lovely waterfront but it is sorely lacking in other “amenities” like men perusing pornography in public parks and a nature walk which is located on the premises of the largest waste treatment plant on the eastern seaboard. It is appointments such as the previous that make living in the Garden Spot of the Universe so special.

Miss Heather


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