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I have yet to get a response from Patricia Lancaster regarding the packet of Greenpoint development gentrification gone wrong goodies I tendered at last week’s Greenpoint mayoral meet-up. This is understandable given the workload I gave her: four sites located in a neighborhood no one (save developers, the real estate agents who profit from them and the inconvenient renters peasants who actually live here) seems to give a shit about.

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to add this to her “to do” list: 154 West Street. These guys love them some illegal weekend construction. I have noted it here and…


154 West Street at work 10/6/07

The above photo was taken on Saturday, October 6 at 5:15 p.m.

Did they have a variance to work this (or any other) weekend? If the “Job Payment History” records from the Department of Building’s own web site are any indication, the answer is NO.

154 West Payment History per the DOB

As we learned from this post, after hours variances can be found in the payment history for any given property. $80.00 deposit and $100.00 payment is all it takes for the Department of Buildings to sanction a developer to operate a pile driver on a Saturday.


That’s what the peaceful enjoyment of (y)our neighborhood is worth according to the Department of Buildings.

Angry yet? You should be.

Miss Heather


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