Greenpoint (Avenue) Photos Du Jour: The Fat Zone

July 18, 2009 by
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On July 17, 2009 Tony From Kent Street wrote (in regards to this post*):

Okay, you can’t blame this one on hipsters!

Yep, it’s those hardworking natives of Brooklyn that love to eat the worst possible food you can put in your body.

If someone was opening a restaurant to cater towards those good for nothing hipsters, we would probably all get excited about something new, interesting and potentially healthy.

Just sayin’


To wit I replied:

Now let’s give credit where it is truly due, Tony: most people in this COUNTRY like to eat shitty food. Recently my parents went to Texas to visit my aunt and uncle. My mother ordered a Caesar salad. When it came it had a piece of toast on top of it.


Maybe Texas should get a few of these?


Miss Heather

*It would appear that 159 Greenpoint Avenue is slated to be a “Spanish” restaurant. See Ms. Nomer’s comments for the scoop!


3 Comments on Greenpoint (Avenue) Photos Du Jour: The Fat Zone

  1. Tony From Kent Street on Sat, 18th Jul 2009 9:24 pm
  2. That’s funny stuff. But just to clarify, I have friends in Texas, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Georgia & Wyoming and they would all be considered hipsters by non-hipsters and they all eat healthy and organic. And in Brooklyn, NY just like Brooklyn, Ohio, it’s the non-hipster-looking people that spend their money at Best Buy and Taco Bell and do not like to recycle and do not ride bikes, not those damn hipsters that people so easily love to hate. It’s sounds like I’m on a freakin’ crusade re-reading this post. I am not.

  3. missheather on Sat, 18th Jul 2009 10:14 pm
  4. You’re making a point, Tony— and I get it.

    But bicycling and recycling are not going to “fix” the problem. What’s needed is a total overhaul of attitude/priorities.

    For example: if I had a dollar for every SUV/Hummer I’ve seen in north Brooklyn/southern Queens bearing no cargo other than its driver I’d be a rich woman. Why does someone need a Sport Utility Vehicle in a city which sports one of the best mass transit systems in the world?

    B62 bus, notwithstanding. 😉

    I chalk it up to an ostentatious display of wealth and conspicuous consumption. I’ve seen these gas hogs obstruct traffic and perpetrate more assholic driving maneuvers than, say, your average Honda. It’s all about ego. These are the people who offend me most.

    As for crappy food: eating habits are learned. And not easily unlearned. Ours is a society that demands convenience. Why cook dinner when you can take the family to McDonald’s instead? It’s more expensive and less healthy in the long run— but after working 2nd or 3rd shift it’s a damned appealing option.

  5. rheingold on Sun, 19th Jul 2009 1:37 am
  6. The icon on the “Fat Zone” sign is curiously retro-beatnik. It’s now my favorite NYC street sign icon aside from the “No Explosive Cargo” sign on the Whitestone Bridge, which is accompanied by one of those little round bombs that Boris Badenov used to throw at Rocky and Bullwinkle.

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