Hot Ass on Eckford Street

October 23, 2007 by
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After noticing that 209 1/2 Eckford has been “modified” without the auspices of a permit (within 250 feet of a parked Department of Buildings vehicle, no less), I decided to swing by today and see if what I beheld last weekend was the product of immaculate construction*. It wasn’t.

209 1/2 Eckford Street

When I took the above photo at 2:20 p.m. today it was raining men. HALLELUJAH!

Hot Ass on Eckford Street

Permit or not, I bet you could bounce a quarter off that ass. A-MEN!

Hands off Patricia, he’s mine. Hop into one of those hybrid DOBmobiles, drive up here and get your own. It would be nice if you would see fit to issue a few stop work orders while you’re at it, but this is only a suggestion.

Miss Heather

*Props to the proprietor of the Gowanus Lounge for coining this term. It has become my new toy.


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