Greenpoint Honor Roll of Discarded Mattresses: 11/2/07

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Last night my husband and I went to Casa Mon Amour for dinner. Before arriving there (and being chided for not going to their SECOND anniversary celebration last night*) Mr. Heather and I saw an assortment of mattresses headed to that Serta Sleeper in the sky.

99 Freeman Street

99 Freeman Street

Note the plastic sheathing on the box springs. I wonder if this mattress has “tenants”?

230 Franklin Street

230 Franklin Street

Hmm. A mattress, box springs and a day bed. I wonder if they bite?

74 India Street, AKA: Bedbug Central**

74 India Street 11/2/07

While not labeled, I bet these bad boys have bedbugs.

A very close friend of mine (who doesn’t even live in Greenpoint, but in north Brooklyn all the same) just underwent the utter hell that is a bedbug infestation. When are our civic leaders going to acknowledge that we, and consequently they, have a problem?

Greenpoint verse, in rhyming terse:

The Pencil Factory and its (remaining) siblings getting landmarked is great.
After a convenient conflagration made landmarking another property too late!

The new bike lanes and trees are all pretty keen.
I wonder why the city gave them to us, was it for developer green?

If the powers that be in NYC would see fit to redirect their attention to the people who actually live in Greenpoint and north Brooklyn (as opposed to the people they seemingly WANT to live here) it would be greatly appreciated.

Contrary to popular belief poor people (and by virtue of being poor, they are also lazy and filthy in the Neo-Victorian mindset most people seem to sport nowadays) are not the only ones who get bedbugs. Ask a bedbug. He (or she) will tell you they don’t give a damn if the blood is red, white, blue, yellow, brown or green. Rich or poor, blood is blood. They’re equal opportunity blood suckers. Unlike our elected representatives (and the developers they pander to).

If these little critters find their way into my mansion of merde, I can assure you, dear readers, the shitty is going to hear about it. Often.

Miss Heather

*Beatrice’s birthday is next Friday, by the way.

**Isn’t interesting that Pistilli would go on the record as being against a hotel in Queens being converted into a homeless shelter while they let a beautiful building like the Astral (in Greenpoint) go to shit?

From The Queens Gazette:

Pistilli Realty Group and members of the community agree that the Westway Motel cannot serve as a substitute for a homeless shelter, the letter said in part.

Yet, retaining a Super who photographs topless women in the hallways of one of their apartment buildings while doing nothing whatsoever about a bedbug infestation (in the aforementioned building) is perfectly acceptable? Perhaps the peeps at Pistilli should be be forced to reside in the Astral for a month or two? Who knows, they might even leave with the six-legged gift that keeps on giving.


3 Comments on Greenpoint Honor Roll of Discarded Mattresses: 11/2/07

  1. Matthew on Sat, 3rd Nov 2007 9:30 am
  2. Though I really do hate to advocate a nasty chemical, I can’t help but point out that bedbugs were long a major problem until ddt all but eradicated them during the mid-20th century. Maybe someone can come up with a less toxic solution, but they had better get on top of it or else let the people have their deadly chemicals! (Lord knows there are plenty just as nasty in our every day lives anyhow that haven’t had the right lobbyists work against them…or have had the right ones work for them).

    It’s hilarious (in a sad way) that officials claim the bedbug problem has been exaggerated by the media when all one need to do is take a walk through the neighborhood and see the bedbug ridden refuse that goes out in front of apartments on an almost daily basis. I have a good friend who went through absolute bedbug hell about 2 years ago, so this problem has been going on for quite awhile, too.

    Maybe someone needs to sneak some of these happy little critters into some city officials homes to get them to realize that this is a really problem…

  3. missheather on Sat, 3rd Nov 2007 4:02 pm
  4. What gets me more than anything is how transparent the timing of all of this is. I think the new trees and the bike lanes are great and all, but what about addressing some of the real (read: less politically sexy) problems here? Getting the Department of Buildings to actually do their job in a timely would be a nice start.

    The fact that the bedbug situation has been allowed to persist this long shows what this city thinks of renters. I am certain it will become a problem as soon as some $500,000+ condo owner here gets them. Then it will be an outrage.

  5. stephenolson on Tue, 25th Dec 2007 2:00 pm
  6. Hey, I live at 99 Freeman St. I don’t really know why I’m commenting, but that mattress isn’t being discarded because of bedbugs. The tenant passed away and she had lived in the building her entire life (50+ years) and it was all really gross. She used to have people over to sell them her insulin.

    Happy holidays!

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