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November 12, 2007 by
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Last night a good (non-Greenpointer) buddy of mine asked me what the meaning behind the proliferation of sneakers she’s seeing slung across telephone wires in her neighborhood. Under the impression that these demarcated gang territory— or something to that effect— she asked me what I thought. I assured her this was not the case: it is an urban legend, nothing more.

I mention the previous anecdote because my favorite Greenpoint chickadee acquired some new companions last weekend.

Telephone Line on Manhattan Avenue

I wonder what the garden gnome stands for?

Miss Heather


3 Comments on Manhattan Avenue Menagerie

  1. rexlic on Mon, 12th Nov 2007 11:35 am
  2. The garden gnome, of course, stands for plenty (to get this joke properly, picture Groucho saying it, in his best double-entendre voice and with the greasepaint brows arching, to the comely Thelma Todd in “Horsefeathers,” where I’m stealing it from).

  3. deadzebra on Mon, 12th Nov 2007 10:01 pm
  4. I saw the menagerie this weekend when I went out for a little skateboard around the neighborhood,

    I was worried that all the little birdies were evicted from their powerline perches when those lovely Christmas light decorations went up. Luckily the Holiday Assbuttification Committee doens’t give a crap about anyone north of India street, so a few of these beloved creatures were spared… and apparently thrived.

  5. missheather on Mon, 12th Nov 2007 10:10 pm
  6. India Street is the 38th parallel, if you know what I mean.

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