McGuinness Boulevard Gauntlet of Death

November 14, 2007 by
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When the opportunity affords itself I like to take a nice leisurely walk along McGuinness Boulevard. Unlike most people, I actually like this stretch of road. What it lacks in aesthetics it amply makes up for in visually interesting subject matter.

Mickey G’s Gauntlet of Death

I encountered the above “closed sidewalk” a short distance north of the BQE. If the above hodgepdoge of buckets, boards and “caution” tape strike you as being rather rickety, I can assure it is. There is nothing whatsoever weighting down those buckets. Unless of course, one counts air.

Sidewalk Closed

Is this what the Department of Buildings means by “self-certified”? Anyone wishing to shake off a little pre-holiday season existentialist ennui should head down to the McGuinness Boulevard Gauntlet of Death and give it a stroll. I have.

Nothing will make you feel more “in the moment” than walking down this scantily fortified corridor as automobiles tear past you at breakneck speed. Be sure to remember what your mother told you and take an extra pair of underwear with you.

Miss Heather


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